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Track 1: Robogirl1-a-Whirl
You'll have to be slick to avoid slipping around on this track. Designed by contest winner Robogirl1, the Robogirl1-a-Whirl will put your skills to the test.
Track 2: Spikes... Yikes!
A well built car will take the yikes out of the spikes on this track. If you haven't got one, keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your fingers crossed!
Track 3: Rock-a-bye Baby
Babyish skills won't cut it on this course. You better buckle-up drivers - it's rocky out there!
Track 4: Tunnel Vision
You'd better not get caught daydreaming in the tunnel on this track, otherwise sweet reverie could become your worst nightmare. Beware of the surprise that lurks!
Track 5: Hill Thrill
This track has a steep hill. If your car has what it takes, you'll glide straight up, otherwise make sure your engine doesn't overheat!

Scion Pit Stop Instructions Hall Of Fame
   The Scion Pit Stop Track Car Design & Racing Games are sponsored by Scion.