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Selected Awards and Sponsors:
Dec 2 - Want to MEET THE MAKERS of Whyville? CHAT WITH CITY WORKERS in the Club Why Chat Room!
Dec 1 - DECEMBER LOG IN CHALLENGE! Log in as much as you can during December and you may get some PEARLS or a WHY-PASS as presents!
12:00 AM - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Grab a turkey and 'share' it with your friends for a gobbling good time!
Speedy at simple math? Prove it during MATH EXPRESSIONS in the Greek Theater!
Team up and test your math skills while earning clams at the SCION SOLUTIONS QUIZ GAME!
Be the first to find the hidden words in a game of LETTER SQUASH at the Greek Theater!
TRIVIA LIVE! with Coolethan (SPECIAL TIME) 5 PM at the Greek Theater. Battle against others for fame and the coveted TRIVIA CROWN!
CARD PLAY TRIPLE DAY - Earn TRIPLE THE CLAMS ALL DAY LONG playing Microbe War or AALAS Solitaire! (Bonus clams awarded the next day.)
HAUNTINGTON MANSION welcomes all to our annual HALLOWEEN PARTY ALL WEEKEND LONG! Visit the outside of Dr. Leila's and chat the secret phrase ('straw' spelled backwards) to be teleported to the party!