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About WhyPets

You can now buy your WhyPet and all your pet needs at the Whyville Pet Store. Get there using the destination menu, or clicking the "Shop" button.

Remember, all purchases at the Pet Store have to be made with Pearls. If you don't have any Pearls yet make sure to get some! It'll also take Pearls to feed and dress your pet, so it's much easier to care for your pet if you set up a monthly allowance.

Much like owning a real life pet, owning a WhyPet comes with many rewards and responsibilities. Just as you get a loyal companion who will come when you call and who you can dress in whatever silly costume you choose, you also get a friend you need to feed, care for, and train.

Read through the following sections of these WhyPets Instructions and find out all you need to know to have a happy and fulfilling relationship with your WhyPet. Have fun!