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Clown Triggerfish
Balistoides conspicillum
40 cm

Where Clown Triggerfish are found. Map from GBIF.
Count Log
You have not counted me yet. Visit the South Reef or North Reef , grab a tricoder, and click on me!

Encyclopedia of Life
Visit this species on the Encyclopedia of Life to find out more!
You can find me swimming along the reef. But I am shy! If you get to close I will quickly swim away and hide. I am pretty much a loner, except when I reproduce. Females make nests for our eggs in an area, and then a male comes to protect the eggs until they hatch. One male will often guard 2-5 nests.
Fun Facts
I don't want to brag, but I am a super cool-looking fish. The pattern on my scales, however, is not the only special thing about me. Get this: I can lock myself into a small hole when I get scared. I quickly dive into a small space in a coral. Then I extend the spine on my head and belly into the coral. Then I bite down on the coral with my strong mouth. This locks me into the hole, and makes it very difficult for predators to pull me out! Sometimes when I am being chased, I will even make grunting sounds. Scientists think I do this to warn other clown triggerfish of danger.
I like to eat things you can find on the bottom of the reef. I eat crabs, sea urchins, sea stars, sponges, snails, clams, and other invertebrates. I have different types of teeth that help me to crunch hard shells. I can also blow water from my mouth to find prey that is hiding under sand! I only eat other animals, so I'm a carnivore.
I am one of the most popular tropical fish to have as a pet. While I make a good pet, humans must be careful that they don't take too many of me out of the reef! Reefs are in danger, and that means so is my home!