Live Sharksucker
Echeneis naucrates
60 cm

Where Live Sharksuckers are found. Map from GBIF.
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I really depend on other animals to live. For a fish I am a pretty terrible swimmer, so if I want to get around I need to attach to another animal. It's usually a shark, but I will also attach to other large fish, stingrays, sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and even the legs of people! Don't worry if I stick to your leg, though; my sucking disc isn't painful.
Fun Facts
I am a funny-looking fish because I have a large sucking disc on the top of my head! I use this sucker to attach to other animals, usually sharks. I hitch a ride with my shark pal and eat the scraps of food it leaves. I live in a really close (symbiotic) relationship with my shark. I get a free ride and free food, and I don't do anything bad to the shark. This is called commensalism. That is when one of us benefits (me!), and the other is neither helped nor harmed (my shark).
What I eat depends on what my host eats. It's usually scraps of fish. I can also eat by myself. I like to eat small fish or microscopic animals in the water. I only eat other animals, so I am a carnivore.
There are no direct threats to me, but I depend on other animals to live. If they are threatened than so am I! When people hunt sharks, sometimes they kill me too! Shark populations are dropping around the world, which is really bad news for me.