Harlequin Shrimp
Hymenocera picta
5 cm

Where Harlequin Shrimps are found. Map from GBIF.
Count Log
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I am a crustacean. Crabs and lobsters are also crustaceans. Like other crustaceans, I have a hard shell, called an exoskeleton, but mine is much thinner. I look so very lovely and fool everyone into thinking I am sweet and not a vicious hunter. I usually spend my life with a partner and together we hunt and defend our homes. We live on and around corals.
Fun Facts
I get lots of attention because I am the most beautiful shrimp in the reef! I am only about 2 inches (5 cm) big, but don't let my size (or my natural good looks) fool you. I am a ferocious predator! My glamorous shrimp friends and I hunt for sea stars, and work in pairs to flip them on their back so they can't crawl away. Then we drag it back to our home before we eat it alive!
My favorite food is fresh sea stars. I am so brutal, I can even catch and eat the biggest sea star species in WhyReef: the Crown-of-thorns Sea Star. I will also eat sea urchins too. I only eat animals, so I'm a carnivore.
Reefs are in danger, and that means so is my home!