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Name Your Town!

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Name Your Town!
Myville New Town needs a new name.

by Bigfoot Bill
Times Staff

As my name implies, Bigfoot Bill here likes to do a lot of walking around. City Hall is about to put another residential town up in Myville Valley, and has asked me to hike around Myville and scout out a new location for the new town.

Well, hiking is a very meditative activity for me, and so as I was walking along, it occurred to me that the streets in Myville New Town are pretty darn dull: 1st Street, 9th Street, Ave D, Ave F... What's up with that?

Especially when Myville Old Town has streets that are named after famous artists and scientists from the Renaissance!

Well, I brought this up with City Hall, and everybody seems to agree that we should name Myville New Town and its streets something more interesting. Here are some ideas that are floating around City Hall:

  • Myville Meadows, with streets named after trees and plants
  • Myville Marina, with streets named after things to do with the ocean
  • Myville Forest (like Sherwood Forest), with streets named after characters and places out of Robin Hood.
  • Rome, Myville, with streets named after famous people/places/events from ancient Rome
  • Galaxy City, Myville, with streets named after stars, constellations, etc.

    And an awesome idea from a Whyville citizen:

  • Myville, Harlem, with streets named after famous jazz musicians from Harlem.

Do you have any ideas to contribute? City Hall wants YOUR input on this:

I propose:
with streets named after:

We'll collect suggestions in the next couple of weeks, and then put all the suggestions up to a vote. The winning suggestion will not only have the special honor of becoming the name and theme of a Myville town, but the clever mind who came up with it will also win an award of 100 clams!

So put on your thinking caps and come up with some good ideas! I know I'm thinking hard.


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