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10000days: Kiya makes many liquids come out of my nose, in many different colors. I love her because it reminds me of the second time that I followed her home. I'd like to say she's my best friend, 'cause she is. Although she likes skinny boys, I still may have a chance! Oh oh oh! When we were young we used to pick each other's noses, but now no one can pick my nose. I'll never let her go.
Ducky464: Kiki's amazing, because she makes it rain loads of goo goo dollas!
8Dyay8D: Kiya is a golden ray of sunshine and I would give her a kidney if she needed one. Even though it took me years to learn to pronounce her name.

You know those people that you know will make you smile whenever you talk to them? Well, this week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight is definitely one of those people. Whenever I see her in a chat room I smile because I know she will make me laugh no matter what. This week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight is Zyrca.

You may know her as Zyrca, you may know her as Kiya, or you may know her as aggressive, but whatever you know her as, she's amazing. Kiya is such an incredible person that you almost have to use a thesaurus to think of a good enough word to describe her.

She's spunky and quirky and makes everyone laugh. Whenever I'm sad I know she will be able to cheer me up. Whenever I talk to her I can say the most random things and we will find some way to talk about them. We talk about anything and everything and always laugh about it.

Kiya is such a good friend. She's funny, but she knows when to be serious. She's a good listener and listens to my petty problems day after day, and always helps me when I need advice.

Kiya is seventeen years old and lives in New York City. She is a senior in high school studying arts and plans to go to college for art. She's Italian and likes cats. She has been on Whyville for many years and has been designing parts since she was 12.

I decided to interview her so you could know just a little bit more about her.

Warning: These questions are not relevant and may be a little weird. Proceed carefully.

Morgan612: What's your favorite movie?
Zyrca: Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Lord of the Rings.

Morgan612: Pop or soda?
Zyrcaa: I don't drink it but I say 'soda'.

Morgan612: What's your favorite holiday?
Zyrca: I don't celebrate holidays.

Morgan612: How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Zyrca: Only around 10 . . . I need winter boots!

Morgan612: Do your socks match?
Zyrca: Yes.

Morgan612: What's your favorite band?
Zyrca: The Goo Goo Dolls and more recently Brand New.

Morgan612: Do you like lemons?
Zyrca: Very much.

Morgan612: If you could be any animal what would you be?
Zyrca: I quite like being a human, but it wouldn't hurt to be an animal that swims since I don't know how.

Morgan612: Have you ever been chased by a rabid dog?
Zyrca: Dogs and other animals generally like me, but I'm always afraid dogs will eat my toes because they lick them when I wear flip flops.

That seems to be everything we need to know about Kiya. You can probably see why I chose to share her awesomeness with the world.

- Morgan612


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