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Spanish for the Clueless

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We know how to say the colors. We know how to count. We know how to use regular verbs.

But how do we say what we do and don't like?

One simple word: gustar!

Gustar (pronounced:gooh-stahr) is Spanish for "to like" or "to find pleasing." To say who's performing the action, just take a look below:

Me - I
Te - You (singular informal)
Le - He, she, you (singular formal)
Nos - We
Os - You (plural informal)
Les - They, you (plural)

Gustar can be written as "gusta" when we're talking about something singular.

Me gusta el helado (eh-lah-doh).
I like the ice cream.

"Gusta" is also used when we're talking about a verb - something we like to do.

Me gusta cantar (cahn-tahr).
I like to sing.

Gustar can also be written as "gustan" when we're talking about something plural.

Me gustan las flores (floh-rehs).
I like the flowers.

To say we don't like something, just put "no" in front of the statement.

No te gusta la mochila (moh-cheel-ah).
You (singular informal) don't like the backpack.

No nos gusta nadar (nah-dahr.
We don't like to swim.

No os gustan las ventanas (bain-tahn-ahs).
You (plural informal) don't like the windows.

Now, we know that escribir means to write. How would we say "they like to write"?

Les gusta escribir.

Notice that gustar is changed to "gusta" because "escribir" is a verb.

Try translating a few of these:

1.) He doesn't like the flowers.
2.) We like the windows.
3.) I like to swim.
4.) You (singular informal) don't like to sing.
5.) You (singular formal) like to write.

If your answer to that las one was "Le gusta escribir," you're right!

Now, use what you've learned to share your likes and dislikes in the BBS!

(inverted !) Me gusta leer!

- Wicked777


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