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Scion Track Contest 2009

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Want to win some pearls? Or even a virtual Scion to drive around Whyville?! Well, now is your chance! We are having another Scion Race Track Contest. This time the Grand Prize is a new Scion and 500 pearls, 1st place is 500 pearls and 2nd place is 250 pearls.

We're asking citizens to help to inspire us with designs for new and different tracks for the Scion Race Track. The most imaginative, interesting, and challenging ideas will win prizes!

If you haven't played the Scion Race Track, how well you do on the tracks depends on what you've built into your car. Did you remember to put in headlights? If not, you'll have a hard time if the track has a dark tunnel. Didn't choose snow tires? Better hope the track doesn't have an icy patch! Got anti-lock breaks? A cow just might run out in front of you . . . (MOOOOO!)

Can you come up with fun and creative challenges that rely on different car parts and accessories?

Some examples:

Submit as many pairs of car part + challenge as you want. You can even draw us a picture of your dream track that contains all your best ideas. Citizens with the best submissions will win clams and fame. Top prizes include a brand new virtual Scion to show off in Whyville and a bunch of pearls to spend.

Email your submission to racetrack@whyville.net before Saturday February 14, 2009 (Valentine's Day!) to be a part of this competition.

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