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Itty Bitty Whyville City

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How well do you think you know Whyville? Well enough to be tested on it? If so, it's your lucky day!

I treasure every activity on the Times, they're fun and they're a great way to get involved in the community. Unfortunately, there aren't very many activities that require you to get our there and explore. My real-life newspaper holds a contest each year, entitled: "Itty Bitty Salt Lake City" (hence my poorly created title). It's by far my favorite contest of the year because they offer rewards to people who can spot a number of icons, logos, pictures, and symbols downtown, all you have to do is look for them. There are plenty of icons, logos, pictures, and symbols around Whyville, so what are we waiting for?

Below are a number of screenshots from around Whyville, your job will be to find where these are really located.

Okay, so here is what you need to know:

1. Your main task is to precisely locate and identify each and every one of the 16 images above.

2. Once you have found ALL of them, send a Y-mail to me (ferrari5x) with the subject reading: "Itty Bitty." List where you found each of the items, and be specific! For example, if one of the pictures were of the bird at Dr. Leila's house, you'd want to say something like "Blinking bird, perched on the branch of the tree growing out of Dr. Leila's house." You can't be too specific!

3. The pictures are all from inside Whyville; not Raven's Island, not the welcome page, and not on any website linked to by Whyville, other than Whyville. You WON'T find all of them in chatrooms. They AREN'T all listed in the Groovy Bus destination menu.

4. The first person to identify all of the images correctly will receive a prize of 10,000 clams. There will only be one winner to avoid the risk of people cashing in on multiple accounts, or sharing answers.

5. Have fun! I'll announce the winner, and the answers, next week. Don't hesitate to submit answers a few days after publication, but please don't submit anything after next week. If no one finds all the correct answers, I'll make note of it in the BBS, so check back for updates.

Good Luck!


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