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Stinging the Bee

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Click. Click. Click. Scroll, punch, and enter. Check mail, reply, and comment. Click. Click. Click. Scroll, punch, and enter. Check mail, reply, and comment. Click. Click. Click. Scroll, punch, and enter. Check mail, reply, and comment. Sweat rolling down your face and back. Clammy hands pounding whatever words a small-minded window will let in. It's so intense, you just can't stop. It feels so good to get back so publicly.

Best friends with the "Queen Bee." Yep, that was me in a nutshell. Couldn't describe me in any other way, shape, or form for years to come. I was always second banana to her and for some reason I was okay with that. To this day, I rack my brain for reasons why I was such a senseless idiot. My only answer is that maybe popularity made me that way, but that's a crappy answer. Believe me, I know.

I met "Olivia" on a lonely first day of school. New girl in town, Olivia picked me up and carried me to the top of the food chain. Olivia was the cliche "it" girl, all the guys adored her and every girl wanted to be her. Olivia was beautiful, she carried herself well, and was wealthy. Olivia had everything I wanted in life. I fell for every single glorious thing she did and worshiped the ground she walked on. Olivia was pretty good at putting on a fake face. But, I was stupid. I was hooked on Olivia.

Olivia controlled me. If she wanted me to bark like a dog, I would bark as loud as I could. Everyone addressed us as Olivia and Ashley. I got a high just being next to her, I started to feed off of it. I was an Olivia monster. My attitude changed and I couldn't recognize myself. I ditched my real friends, my family, and my life. I spent my time serving to Olivia and every need she had. I was blind, I was stupid, I was addicted to Olivia.

Although Olivia was "perfect" she had to show her real face sometime. She decided that I wasn't serving to her like I should have been. I just didn't understand, it had been 2 years and all. She kept me around all summer, and I went along with everything believing that we could become best friends again. Then, the first day of school arrived.

As soon as she walked into those shiny front doors, something snapped. She just changed. She dropped me like a penny going down a wishing well. From that day forward she secretly bothered me in every way and any way possible. Needless to say, I wanted to give her a swift kick to the jugular every time I saw her. But, what I did back to her would hurt much worse than any jugular kick.

Olivia kept quiet and dropped our friendship silently, but I was still steaming mad. I had to sting the bee. Not a soul at my school knew I hated her, except for my best friend Adam, and that's exactly how I wanted it. Adam was my partner in crime. He felt the exact same way about her as I did. We could stay up for hours on the phone just talking about how much we wanted to demolish her reputation. We were oblivious to how that big idea was so achievable.

Then, Olivia got a boyfriend. Ironically enough, he was a good friend of Adam's. She continued to leave me alone and spent all her energy on swapping spit. I was relieved, but still hated her with everything inside of me. Soon enough, Olivia became rather serious with her boyfriend. Adam would tell me everything they did together. I was an abundance of information. I knew everything about her before she had changed and now I knew about her "experiences." Adam and I were simply ticking time bombs.

As you know, ticking time bombs go off. And, that's exactly what happened. One day I just couldn't handle her anymore. She confronted me at school and embarrassed me in the lunch line. I was ticking. Later that night, Olivia accused me that I was trying to steal her boyfriend through Adam. I blew up. I called Adam and we strategically plotted Olivia's downfall.

I got online and typed up everything I knew about Olivia that would ruin her reputation. Adam and I had an long conversation and I posted it onto another website, along with everything else I had wrote earlier that night. I used curse words that didn't even exist and let the monster in me take over.

Later that night, I got back online and I had comments filling my computer screen. Everyone I knew was bashing Olivia and agreeing with every word I had said. I felt on top of the world, I was so proud of myself. I was at a greater high than when I used to stand next to her. I had stung the bee.

Laughing to myself, I felt my pocket vibrating. I picked up my phone and the digital letters spelled out "Olivia". I answered, gleefully, but Olivia was on fire. Both her and her mother were screaming into the phone. I hung up, oh what a stupid mistake.

Soon after my mistake, my home phone was ringing off the hook. I was too hung up on the fact that my post had made such an uproar to answer the phone. To my idiocy, it was Olivia and her mother. They read what I had said online to my parents and even sent my mom an e-mail. They threatened to take it to court as slander. I was in deep peanut butter, and that's taking it lightly.

I had to delete every site I had ever visited, excluding Whyville. I was grounded for what seemed like the rest of my life and I was ashamed of the way I had acted. Even my parents had a hard time looking at me. I can't even go back to the mind set I was in that night. I let the monster that Olivia created take over. The things that I typed up that night were dirty and, of course, reputation crushing.

Olivia lost her friends, boyfriend, and reputation to a simple online bulletin. She thankfully didn't take me to court, and she slipped away from my sight soon after the whole ordeal. She surrendered to me, but that's not what I wanted out of it. After all, I really don't know what I wanted from Olivia.

I still have a bad taste in my mouth from that entire experience and it is already a year behind me. I've learned my lesson, so don't point fingers. It was my fault, completely my fault. I can't blame Adam or Olivia for any of it. Even though I may be congratulated for her downfall, I would do anything to help her pick up the pieces. Regardless, I don't regret the situation or ever being friends with Olivia. It made me who I am today; a better person. Indeed, I stung the bee, but in the end I got stung back much harder.

For the rest of you kung fu keyboard fighters out there, I can tell you from experience that it's not worth it. No matter how hard someone stings you, you don't need to sting back. Let the queen bee be, she'll get what she deserves eventually . . . without your help.

"Ow he stung me!"



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