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Sweet Revenge

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How many of us have had revenge on someone for something they've done to us? Most of the people reading this, right? Put your hands down. Yes, octopus in the front row, all EIGHT of them. How many of us have gotten revenge for someone else? Ahh, not so many hands this time, right? Okay, pink octopus in the front row, stop touching my shoes now.

We all know that feeling of revenge. It's a feeling of success. It's like wandering in a desert for days without food or water and coming across an oasis. It's pretty darned sweet. But how far would anybody go for revenge? I've gone pretty far in my thirst to get back at someone. Watching, waiting for them to slip up and give me a reason to go after them. Then he finally gave me the reason, and I couldn't resist.

From the first time I laid eyes on her, I knew she was a very sweet girl. She can play a mean game of basketball, and she and my brother are like the two person team at games. For the first time ever, I defended her like she was my own flesh and blood. I kept her safe from the most idiotic boy anybody will meet. And I'm thankful I was just behind her at that moment.

Mariah was dribbling her basketball in the hallway, warming up for practice, when he stepped in the door. I would imagine he didn't see me, because he ran up behind Mariah and said something that made her face twist in disgust. I continued watching, waiting to see what he would do. I saw her face, and I heard him laughing, and it sent my adrenaline rushing. I couldn't stand there, but I waited for a reason to go after him. Then, she pushed him away and looked very angry. It occurred to me that Mariah is very innocent, and he probably asked her something disgusting and perverted. I walked up behind him and in my angriest voice asked, "What do you think you're doing with Mariah?" He turned around and his eyes met mine, his entertained expression disappearing. "You're not her sister, why do you care?" I was outraged. My scarred arm reached out and my hand contracted around his neck. I grabbed on with my other hand and shook him angrily. "You will NOT touch Mariah! You won't even dare talk to her in a manner that she does not like!" I screamed, shaking him. I felt Mariah's small, warm hands wrap around my shoulders. She was pulling me away from him. "Stop, Mo! He's not worth it! He isn't worth it!" She pried my hands off of his neck and I heard him gasp. Mariah was right. I wasn't about to do 25 to life for him! I glared at him, anger penetrating my deepest thoughts. "That's your warning. Next time, Mariah won't stop me from killing you. I'll be around." And I walked away. I don't know how I did, I had the strongest urge to put him underground just a minute or two ago.

Now that my thoughts have caught up to me, I've realized that killing him didn't matter. Putting him in his place so that he understood not to consider touching Mariah did. Mariah is like my younger sister, and I'll protect her and my blood younger sister from harm, even if it involves putting myself in the way of danger. The moment I wrapped my hands around his neck was the moment I had saved Mariah's innocent state of mind for a little longer. It's just a matter of time before I have to do that with my blood younger brothers and sister. To keep them safe from harm is now my life's journey.


Editor's Note: Thank you Monet1616 for sharing this honest story. I'd like to point out that violence against someone else is never the answer. No matter how angry you get, or what someone else has done to you, it is never right to hurt another person. I appreciate Monet1616's honesty with this, in that when you feel that kind of anger it is easy to react in that way. But, we should use her story as a warning of what could happen if anger/revenge got out of control. Please share your stories in the BBS, and how you have dealt with this kind of situation.


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