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Something in the Wind

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Something in the Wind

Dr. Leila
Times Writer

The city of Whyville has just been informed by the United States Center for Disease Control that there is a mysterious infectious outbreak in the United States. Students in at least seven different states across the country have contracted a rash, possibly while at school.

For more details on this situation, you can read this article in the Washington Post.

This infectious disease may even spread to us here in Whyville. Or maybe even another infectious disease. If such a disease goes unchecked, it may even become an epidemic! The situation has reminded City Hall that here in Whyville we've never had a disease before and are therefore not very well prepared for dealing with such a situation.

So, we've established our own Center for Disease Control in quite a hurry. It is located on the third floor of City Hall. If an infectious disease arrives, my fellow scientists at the center will track the extent of the disease and keep all us citizens updated.

Moreover, they will need the help of all our citizens to help analyze and understand the situation.

To help us all get prepared for the possibility of an epidemic, the folks at the CDC have put together an infection simulator. It will help us understand how infectious disease spreads within a population.

Please be sure you drop by the Whyville CDC and check out the simulator. We must all learn all that we can while we still have time. The future health of our town rests in all our hands.

Dr. Leila
Whyville Science Advisor



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