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Have you ever looked up to the sky night or day, wondering how the world works or how time goes by? The truth beyond the depths of the sea, and seeing what it's really like. We all would like to unravel mysteries and begin to understand the world. Some things are left unsolved, like the abnormal and the treacherous phenomenon of life after death. There truly is a heaven and someday I will be an evaluation of character, for the good deeds and the not so good deeds. The earth is full of a lot of interesting facts, symptoms and of course humans. Facts on the questionable material we all ask about like deja vu. I am a normal individual when you get to know me but I don't show my true outlook on the world. I always seen the world as nothing when I was little, I didn't ask questions and didn't really question my own existence. Have you really ever asked yourself if there really was other existence in this life, look up to the sky and you see billions of stars, maybe just one of those stars can be another Earth? I have a normal life and I live it with same expectations as all. I listen to music, I watch movies, I talk to my friends and I experience the world evolving into a newer and more technological place.

When I connect with people or come across a subject that is sometimes unexplainable I begin to look at the world and the lives of the humans living on it and see it in a whole new way. I went camping this summer with my friend and his family and I really connected with them. We were sitting by the fire at night, it was dark and somehow when you're in the wilderness, not a sound in the world, and just staring into the star lit night sky you begin to understand that somehow there has to be an end to this great life. I began to encounter the abnormal, haunting, deja vu, death, and strange enough my own existence. It really freaked me out of how we were coming up with these things. My friend's dad is a nurse and he told us of a lot of abnormal details that he came across at sick kids. He also told us that our minds are going really quick and sometimes we see things in a fast motion, don't understand it and play it again, but it seems like we seen it before, that was known as deja vu. When you're out away from technology, and everyday routines, it helps us connect more with the earth and see things in a different way and that way is one amazing thrill ride.

Life is a timeless treasure but only our bodies are a tool we use to hold our soul together, our souls are the structural support of what make us who we are and create our own unique personality. When you believe that your world is real, then you are ready to create that world in your mind. What you believe is your own choice and no religion, no right, no law can stop that you have the right of speech, thought, belief and habit. You control your own life and no one should be there telling you that it's wrong or doubting your dreams. I personally ask the question of if we haven't done something, felt something, or saw something, how do we know what it's like. Our physical dreams we have when were sleeping can show us those inexperienced things. In philology you see the real reason of this and that is we live other lives in different worlds. "Sometimes you cannot believe what you see; you have to believe what you feel," Mitch Albom.


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