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10 Year Anniversary Contest

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10 years ago, in March of 1999, our community came to life. It is hard to believe how much Whyville has grown and changed since its conception. This March, 2009, we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and are giving all you the chance to join in.

Throughout the month of March, we want you to submit articles about the history of Whyville. Each week, the best articles will be selected, and those citizens will receive 150 pearls and a great face part (to be revealed at a later date).

A decade is quite a long time to be in existence, and there are tons of ideas to write about. Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Top 10 List of Whyville's Changes
2. 10 Years Through the Eyes of a Citizen
3. Remembering the Whyville Blackout
4. Bigfoot and the Times' Beginnings
5. A History of Games
6. Events That Will Always Be Remembered
7. A Citizen That Touched Your Heart
8. Celebrating the Holidays with Whyville
9. The Evolution of Whyville Fashion
10. Lessons Learned Through Whyville

Again, these are just a few ideas. We can't wait to see what all of you can come up with to honor Whyville's 10th anniversary.

The articles will be featured in the Why History section on March 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th. The last day to submit an article for the competition is Friday, March 27th. You can submit more than one article, but if you do that, please submit them one at a time, each week until the end of the contest.

Anxiously awaiting your submissions,
Times Editor


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