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The UK Quiz

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Hey Whyvillians!

Across the Atlantic Ocean from America and Canada lies a relatively minute landmass known as the United Kingdom. Well, really they're known as the British Isles - the Republic of Ireland (the green bit on the map below) isn't actually part of the United Kingdom. The UK has been so influential in history and at one point owned nearly a third of the world! How much do you know about Britain? Answer these questions (set by a genuine English person) to find out!


What is a Prime Minister and who is the PM of the United Kingdom?

What does the NHS stand for?

Who is third in line to the throne?

Who or what is a whip?


You call it a THEATER, we call it WHAT?

You call them COLORS we call them WHAT?

You call it JELLY we call it WHAT?


Name a popular dish you can buy from a "Chippie" (there are two parts).

Bangers and WHAT?

What popular foodstuff might you buy from the company "Walkers"?


What is the capital of Wales?

What is, roughly, the population of the United Kingdom?

What P is the name of a London Underground station AND a popular cartoon bear (who loves marmalade!)?

Media and Celebrity

What are the FIVE terrestrial channels in the UK?

Piers Morgan is a current judge on "America's got Talent" . . . but what was his previous job?

What city are The Beatles from?


In England, what date (in words) was 9/11/2001?

Two of the most successful football clubs are based in Manchester. What are they called?

London are hosting the 2012 Olympics but who and of which losing country said of London hosting the Olympics - "We can't trust people [the British] who have such bad food."?

For the first completely correct answer sheet I get, I will be doling out 500 clams! For every subsequent right/impressive answer sheet I receive, I will hand out 50 clams.

I'll post the answers next week! Don't forget, Google doesn't know everything.



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