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The Truth About Lies

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You always think lies are fine. Just little white lies, no, they're nothing! But that's actually wrong. It doesn't matter what kind of lie. No lies are good, and it will always pile up and tear you apart. That's what nearly happened to me. It's not good at all. No one should lie. But, if you do, you're going to have to pay the consequences, like everyone else. Lies are nasty little things that keep on growing into horrid rumors. Lies always get back at you. Any lies that you have created. It turns into a habit and you can't stop.

It all started when I really, really wanted to go onto the computer. Lust had started it. A simple emotion. But, of course, my brother was on. I envied him that he had "priority", as he called it, over me. It was not fair. Or, so I thought. I was the youngest and I thought that I'd never get my chance to boss anyone around. At least, not for a very long time. And that was true. But, I lied, just to get on. I told him that his friend had just knocked on the door. And, he got up to go get it. At that second I hopped into the chair and giggled. When my brother came back, he told me that his friend wasn't there. Then, I told another lie. "Oh, he must've gone or something." My brother just sighed and walked away. How could have I done that!? Two lies, right off the bat.

I was on the computer for hours, but inside I was really bored. Yet I still continued to play on the computer. My mom came over and asked if I had finished all of my school. I turned and said "Yes!" when I hadn't finished. Another lie! They kept on coming. My tongue was tricking me and it just said the lie with no problem. I didn't even have to think about what to say. I just . . . did it. The lies were becoming a habit, even after two little white lies for the good of me.

I continued to tell lies, just small ones. It became such a habit nearly everything out of my mouth was a lie! It was horrible! I told them to my friends. I even pointlessly said them and said them when I didn't even know I was saying them. All of the lies I had told over the month eventually started coming back at me. My parents eventually learned the truth that I wasn't doing all of my school before play. My friends asked me questions about the lies I told and the adults found out. They were scratching me, tearing me apart. I felt ashamed of myself. Soon, rumors began getting out about me once everyone knew all I was telling them were lies. All of my friends didn't trust me anymore! And, worst of all, some of those rumors were true! Others were over-exaggerating a bit, but they were still a tinge bit true.

I really wanted to tell the truth, but my tongue and lips just couldn't form it. I hated the lies. It hurt so much. Secrets of some of the lies unknown of that were told pounded and knocked at my heart. Whatever I said just had to be a lie! It really was no fair. I just couldn't really control myself, and I couldn't stop saying lies. Soon, I just gave up and I tried to not talk at all.

Finally, I began to recover a little. I asked my friends to forgive me, but they didn't trust that I really meant it. I thought that my life was over. But, then an idea sparked in my head. Maybe, just maybe, I could gain everyone's trust back with not words, but by doing things. First, I would of course have to start out with my family. I always finished my school and showed it to my parents, who were shocked that I was actually doing it now. If my brother was ever on the computer, I just dealt with it and waited until he got off or I found other things to do. Soon, I was getting much, much better grades. Around B's and A's. My parents soon began trusting me again. When they tried to figure out lies, they found none. My brother didn't really care about anything, but even he could tell that I wasn't telling any lies. After that, I began with my friends by doing good things to them and admitting any lies that I had told. For the adults, well, I did nice things to them and even though they knew about the lies, I admitted to all of them.

The hassle was so much. I nearly broke down and could never work again. I wanted to get out of it, and I did. By an inch I did. And I finally learned my lesson. I hated lying, now. Phew! Horrible. Yes, lying is horrible. That was an example I just showed all of you. Don't ever lie, please, for the sake of yourself and everyone around you!



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