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Interviewing the Greek Gods: Cupid

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Hey everyone, sorry for not continuing my series every week, my computer wasn't working for awhile, but enough with excuses. This week, I interviewed Eros, also known as Cupid, the God of Love, perfect since Valentine's Day was last week. Hopefully, you can learn more about this cute god in diapers.

megmeg9: Hello Cupid. So, in Greek Mythology you stir up a lot of drama?
Cupid: Well, I guess shooting people with arrows that make them fall in love can start some drama here and there.

megmeg9: I bet. Anyway, what is your relationship with Aphrodite; Goddess of Beauty?
Cupid: You humans will probably think this is weird, but Aphrodite is both my mother, and my wife.
megmeg9: After interviewing Persephone and Zeus, I'm used to that by now, but I thought you were in love with Psyche?
Cupid: I was, which made Aphrodite very jealous.
memeg9: Well yea, I mean she is your wife . . . and mom . . . so then what happened?
Cupid: We eventually got married, but because she was mortal, she wasn't allowed to ever look at me.

megmeg9: That would be a difficult relationship . . .
Cupid: You can't even imagine. One night, Psyche was too curious, and looked at me, I let my anger win, and left her. She was so depressed, wandering everywhere looking for me, but she found Aphrodite instead.
megmeg9: Oh no. That can't be good.
Cupid: More like, horrible! Aphrodite hated Psyche so much that she had Psyche do dangerous tasks, for her final task, she made Psyche go to the Underworld with a small box, and was told to collect some of Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld's beauty with the box.

megmeg9: And I'm guessing that Psyche got killed?
Cupid: Close. Even though Psyche was told not to look into the box, she is very curious, and did anyway, which made her fall into a death-like sleep.
megmeg9: That's sad. So that's it? Psyche died?

Cupid: Nope. When I saw Psyche laying on the ground, lifeless, I couldn't possibly be mad at her, the love of my life was dead, so I woke her. The other gods were so moved by our love, that they turned Psyche into a goddess.
megmeg9: That's so cute!
Cupid: Yea. Well, I have to spread some love, thanks for interviewing me!

megmeg9: Thank you for letting me! This is meg, researching more Gods and Goddesses (I'm very far behind!) Tootles!

Authors Note: Sources:
I got the kewlio pics from www.tinypic.com


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