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Well... All I can say is WOW! I'm so grateful for making it this far, and I truly could not have done it without all of you who supported me. I'm proud to be a part of the very first top 6 election. It's been a long week campaigning, and I would've died if Melsey6 hadn't kept me company while we campaigned together! Well, before I lay out my ideas, I'll tell you all why I think I qualify for being senator. You may know from designing, you may see me in chat rooms frequently, you may have known me from being the #1 winner at the Heck Well games, or you may've even seen me winning the #1 place in the Halloween Contest --whichever, you probably know I am a very active, involved, and experienced citizen. I've written times articles on other accounts, I was a former Y-mail helper a few years ago, I've supported our town by getting a quill, and even buying a Lifetime whyPass. I have been a member of Whyville since 2002 on another account of mine, while this is from 2003. So, 7 years of experience on Whyville, I believe I have been around long enough to know what Whyville needs and how the citizens react to it. I've been around long enough to know the DO'S & DON'TS of being a senator. I've been around long enough to see Whyville change into what it is today.

I have been endorsed by 2 of our current senators, willis4 and ps2man1, and even our former senator (who was elected twice, I might add) hotboi764! I am honored to be endorsed by 3 senators, and I hope that you can see all of my qualities and why I'm fit for the job. As a senator, I intend on being someone that YOU can rely on, to communicate your ideas to the CW's when you can't always grab their attention. I can make changes for the better. I can achieve these changes. Did you know that I've made changes before in Whyville? For example, the search tool in nose pick, satchel, and trading post -- I chatted with one of Whyville's programmers for a few weeks and convinced him to add them, and I did all of this while I WASN'T senator, so imagine what I could do for you if I were elected?

Alright, so enough about me, and on to my juicy ideas, right? Well, as I've had in my city records, when I was submitting my platform to the primaries list, I had a lot of more ideas than what was included in there, but something in one of the paragraphs was "inappropriate," but I checked over everything and could not find what the glitch was! Ergo, I'm going to list those ideas that I had to delete in my original platform, and write about them here, if you'd like to read about all of my first ideas, please scroll down below and read my original platform, which includes my proposals for the return of Whypasses, ridding our town of Whypox, new face factory tools, a room for veterans, and more -- I don't see the point in explaining them over again as I've thoroughly explained them in my original platform :P.

An outline of the ideas:

Auction Room
Fixes to the chat censor's glitches
Nose Pick Option
New Veteran Medal
Multiple Whispering
Animated face parts creator
Lifetime whyPass sale
Justification Court
Additional trading post shelves & glitch fixes
Skin color converter
Categorizing in nose pick/satchel
Ability to shop for face parts with friends
Categorize Y-mail Helpers
New system of voting for senate
Fixes to Times glitches
Oldbie Lounge Update
On/Off Friend Finder

On/Off Friend Finder -- The friend finder tool sometimes does more harm than it does good. I see too many people annoyed at this friend finder tool, similar to Andy109's idea he proposed a few years ago, we should have an option where we can only get friend finder's from people in our address book, rather than having random people we're not comfortable with, or we don't know, friend finding us.

Dr. Leila's Bee Hive/Oldbie Lounge update -- Looks like the "veteran room" idea I had in my platform came a little.. early! Since this only came out on the 18th, I'm grateful that I can include my idea about it in my updated platform. Well, I have to say, I absolutely love the bee hive and the new Leila's look, it's beautiful! But in order to get into the hive, you need to be one year old -- which a lot of "Oldbies" still consider one year being a bit newbish. I think that the bee hive room numbers (They have room 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) should correspond with the amount of years we've been on, and we could go in them rooms. For example, I've been on for 7 years, I'd be able to go in room 7, but not room 8. Let's say I wanted to chill with my friend who's only been on for 4 years, I'd be able to go in room 4 too, but they wouldn't be able to go passed anything except room 4, but they have access to rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4. Basically, you're allowed in any room if you've acquired those number of years. Let's also say that, your friend was a veteran on their old account, but it was expired/hacked/banished/etc. -- I think we should be able to invite a guest to come in one of the rooms with us. How would it work exactly? I'd have to go into further discussion about it with the City Workers, whether it be a Y-mail invite, or a whisper invite, we'll see, hopefully.

Time glitches fixes -- The times has a huge glitch, that I've been sending in a bug report about once a month, and nothing so far has happened. Sometimes, if you search for an article by a certain author, the articles just do not show up. For example, my dear friend Zyrca has written a few really nice poems. I've tried searching for them by searching all articles by Zyrca, and no articles show up. This is also the case with other authors.

New senate voting system & petitions -- This is an idea that dawned on me only recently, while I've been campaigning last week. People coming to poll booth to vote are usually very oblivious to the little red book with our platforms in it. They are always being mislead by the huge "VOTE!" sign for the polls, instead of the platforms. I feel that the entire petition system has not been taken seriously by CW's, there should be rules on there that explain "Do not ask for 100000 clams a day" etc. and these petitions need to be reviewed, and brought to action. As for the senate voting, there should be an entire new chatroom where we could go vote for senator, like this people won't be mislead by clicking the wrong things, and losing interest. Another idea, to reflect the real world, would be an "I Voted" sticker. Just like when we get vaccinated for the pox, we get the little vaccination button, we should have the "I voted" sticker, with check mark, right after we vote. We could wear it, like this we wouldn't need to worry about people asking us 20 times a day to vote for them -- and for campaigners, we wouldn't have to keep annoying people who have voted.

Auction Forum -- People have wanted an auction program for so long. I don't visualize it as a chatroom, but rather a forum-type format, like Akbars Face Mall, this way, people could sell their parts whenever they wanted, rather than waiting for someone at the trading post, having to arrange a time, etc. In the auction forum, we could add the face part we wanted to sell, set up a starting price, people could view the part, quantity, etc. and place bids on it -- something very similar to eBay.

Fixes to chat censor -- There are way too many glitches in the chat censor, and we can barely get through a sentence anymore without having to rephrase it! For example, we can't say something that begins with "it" after a word that ends with "sh", or we can't say a word that begins with "u" after a word that ends with "f" and a lot other glitches. We need all of these fixed, immediately. They're doing more harm than they are helping, and people have easily found more explicit ways to curse than just using the first initials.

Nose Pick Option -- A lot of people miss the old nose pick, and don't prefer the current one. I believe there should be an option to choose between Classic Nose Pick and the current Nose Pick 2.0.

New Veteran Medal -- We obtain a gold medal at about 4-5 years or so, and then after that, we just keep getting gold medals! They're very sparkly and nice, sure, but I think there needs to be a new medal, a color? I'm not sure, perhaps we could take a city-wide vote on this one. It wouldn't even have to be a medal, it could be ribbon, whatever, but I believe we should vote on it.

Multiple Whisper -- Ah, I've always wanted this. Have you ever been in a situation where you're trying to gossip with 3, 4, 5 friends at once, but you don't want to whisper to them all individually? I believe there should be an option where we can all whisper at once, perhaps there could be something on the side of the chat room, a link, perhaps, and you can set who you'd like to whisper to. The mechanics of this would need further discussion, but I really like the idea.

Animated Face Parts Creation -- Back in 2005, we were told that we'd soon have the ability to create animated face parts. 4 years later... I still haven't seen this :P! In the face factory, there should be an area specifically for animated designs, and where we could design different frames at a time, as I'm sure that's how it's done. Designers would have to create an activation word for the animation, just like the current animated parts. I look forward to seeing a lot of interesting animations, like hair blowing in the way, sweat (ew?), smoke blowing out of ears, etc! I think this can easily be achieved.

Lifetime whyPass Sale -- Below, in my original platform, I propose that monthly whyPasses should return, and be offered as an alternative for pearls, only having the usual whyPass perks, and not ability to buy WhyPets, etc. However, if that fails to happen, I think that for about 5 days, Lifetime whyPasses should be sold for about 100$ (I've heard CW's saying that in order for them to gain profit, it'd have to be around 170$) but could you imagine if about 20 people a day bought a lifetime whypass? Whyville would gain $10,000 in 5 days! People may say "That'd end up dong more harm than good for whyville, who would buy pearls!?" As I mentioned, Lifetime whyPasses would only include the usual whyPass perks, and not WhyPets, etc. Also, there are thousands of users who join Whyville each month, so I don't think that the pearls customers would be going anywhere.

Twilight Well -- We've had a Piff well, and a Heck well, so hey, why not a Twilight well?! Twilight seems to be the most popular book these days amongst teens, and especially Whyville, I see tons of people with a Twilight book that MagicBox made. I always loved playing at the wishing well, and though I always felt unmotivated and corny to read Twilight because it's such a teen cliche, I'd be inspired to actually read it. Now, I know we need a sponsor, so I think we should start corresponding with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (Twilight's publisher) or whoever, and see if they could sponsor us. It would be a very neat idea, and the prizes in the game could be... those famous arms holding the apple! And other things, as well, but since I haven't read the book, I wouldn't know which props would be appropriate, so this is something you should comment about in the BBS :P.

WhyCourt -- Have you ever been taped, fined, or banished over a complete misunderstanding? For example, once, a few years back, I had used the emoticon "=F" -- anyways, I had said something like "=F you too!" (and by the way, this idea corresponds with my Fixing chat monitor glitches idea) and so the chat monitor thought I was saying something bad to someone. Needless to say, I was taped. I was so disappointed because at the time, I was trying to apply for the Y-mail helper test on that account, but I had to work on raising my salary by about 6 points. I had a clean record, and when I was taped, I had to wait another 3 months for my record to clear -- my emails to city-management went unanswered. While I was campaigning last week, I was chatting with a girl who was so enthusiastic about this idea because she had once been taped because she said "okay, lets do it" when she was in a Beauty Contest -- and sure enough, the chat monitor picked it up and assumed she was engaging in cyber sex. City Management has a lot of other things to worry about rather than untaping people all of the time. I think that a WhyCourt should be established, and no, not a chatroom, but something like the bug report tool. This court should always be monitored by certain CW's, just like those who are always monitoring the 911 reports, and be acted upon quickly. We would be able to justify ourselves with this program by including the time of our 'crime' (it's mentioned in the 911 report) and explain how it was a misunderstanding. We would only be able to include things that the CW's can look up and verify. For example, in the BC girl's scenario, where she was referring to the BC -- The CW could look up the time, place, etc. in the chat log, view the conversation, and if they see it's legit, very well, they untape the person, refund their clams, whatever, and clear their record of the punishment.

Additional Trading Post Shelves & Fixes -- The trading post is a very busy, busy, buuuusyyyyy place. It is far too crowded for such a small chatroom that has such busy traffic most of the day. We've seen how big chatrooms can become -- I believe our Moon chatroom is the biggest. The trading post needs an entire revamp, much wider area for people to move around so bubbles don't cover each other, and yes, I believe our avatars should still remain a small scale 4 size so it wouldn't be obnoxiously over crowded. When showing parts, it becomes really annoying to only show 3 at a time. I believe with a much larger, revamped room, we should be able to show at least 6 at a time. Other than that, the trading post does have some glitches, I guess a few of them are intentional glitches, but annoying ones! For example, whenever I try trading someone who's inexperienced with the trading post, they usually try to click directly to the seat, but get no where as the trading post prohibits people from moving directly up, so then they start to bash, get booted out of the chatroom, become frustrated, and lose interest. I hate that. A message should appear whenever someone hits the top where we're prohibited from moving up to (such as the old "You are moving too fast, stop, or you will be booted!" message) saying something such as "Please try moving to your seat by navigating through the lower portion of the room" or something of the sort. Another glitch, which has recently surfaced, after the CW's fixed an older glitch in the trading post, is certain parts -- particularly older parts -- do not show up when we press "set" or when we even try trading them, it says "Sorry, cannot find ID (face part ID here)" I've mailed City Management about this and they tell me that's the message that comes up when someone tries exploiting the trading post by sending the part off to another account immediately before they traded it. This is not the case. I've tried trading parts to myself several times and it comes up frequently. This needs to be fixed soon, as it is causing much trouble for traders.

Skin Color Converter -- Face it. There are not enough tan/dark flesh colored face parts on Whyville. It annoys me, and I feel as if the tanner citizens aren't getting as much out of Whyville as other people are. We need a skin color converter in our Nose Pick, such as the one when we create our whypet's head color. There should be 3 basic dark/tans, and anything on the nose pick screen that's the color you'd like to swap -- gets swapped into the tan. My close friend on Whyville is African in real life, and she'd like to display that on Whyville as well, but since there are only a few shirts that she likes that are tan, she has to wear all white ones. I'm hoping this addition will be achieved.

Categorizing in Nose Pick/Satchel -- I love this idea so much, and other people seem to as well. The categories in Nose Pick such as "Hair - General" etc., don't cut it. I think we should be able to make our own categories, and place certain parts into them, similar to creating a playlist on iTunes, and adding songs to them. For example, if I wanted to make a category specifically by my favorite hair designer from 2002-2003, Gurttrude, I'd go to my satchel, there would be settings somewhere, such as "Create a category", and I would name it "Gurttrude Hairs" -- then, I'd browse through my face parts in my satchel, select one, and there would be a scroll list that would open up, and I could place it in my "Gurttrude Hairs" category. These categories would appear in Nose Pick, Satchel, and especially trading post.

Shopping for face parts with friends -- This was another idea that was promised back when the mall opened. Not only would this make the mall a more frequently visited place again, I believe face part sales would sky rocket! A "Shop for parts >" section should be in the mall. From there, we could go to certain stores, certain parts, alphabetical, whatever our preference, and just like parts are displayed on shelves in the trading post, and the food is displayed on shelves in the WhyEat place, all face parts could be displayed on shelves, with the creator listed on there, the price, and quantity. We could then say something like "Buy item #21" and we'd have it in our satchel. It's an easy, fun way to shop with friends.

Categorize Y-Mail Helpers -- There is now over 1,000 Y-Mail helpers. They should be categorized in several categories, which could be:

-Getting started

..or any other categories. Like this, people could get more efficient answers, and when people apply for being a helper, they could pick a category they'd like to apply for. Similar to Melsey6's idea, it would be great to have a rating system, of 1 - 5 stars to rate the helper!

Well now! Any of you still with me down here? Great! Give yourselves a pat on the back for reading my above 3,310 word essay! Please, do not forget to read my original platform below to see my ideas that I didn't include in this updated one. It includes some great ideas, such as more face factory tools, a room for veterans, a "Send all" tool in y-mail, and more!

So.. It's been a long campaign, it's been.. fun! And now it's up to you to choose your 3 senators. Choose wisely, research your candidates: are they experienced? are they involved? do they know what they're doing? can you rely on them? I will be a senator who will listen to you, I will be your tool to communicate your ideas, suggestions, and concerns to the City Workers, and I hope you can assist in me in sculpting Whyville into our perfect place. I'd like to thank EVERYONE once again for voting, and for giving all 6 of us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this historic race, and good luck to my fellow candidates! Please, leave all your questions anc concerns in the BBS, I look forward to them!

P.S: Vote now for Ciao! ;)


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