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Ahoy I'm Tanner. I'm fifteen years old. I live in Oklahoma, and I think I have what it takes to be your senator. Ok so I'm writing this article to tell you exactly what I plan to do if you Vote For Me DrTanner. So Here I Go . . .

The first order of business is the Instant Messaging idea. I think that we should have a little box in the right corner of the page, and while your in chat you can talk to your friends from a different chat room. Next on the list: Three way whisper, I think someone who needs to whisper to three people should have that ability. Moving on. Clan Rooms for cats: For you cats out there I think that you guys need your own clan rooms, Where cats can go where the people don't. Next, New Projectiles: I'm looking for some explosions and maybe some sound too. For example exploding cupcakes and having that plopping sound. Now time for real business If you know what I'm saying. Why Court: I think people should be able to explain themselves instead of being banned for something they didn't even do or didn't mean to say. Now to... Different scions: I think that there should be able to have more variety and more extra things to add but mostly holiday items. There should be more salary games because a high salary equals a happy citizen, and Tanner likes his citizens to be happy! 100+ Salary room for people who have a salary of 100 or higher they should have there own room to go in and hang out with each other. I also think that people should be able to write down what they have done or will do on Whyville that day in a journal. Such as, you have someone your meeting and you forget the time you can go to your journal and find the time you need to be there. Why Birthday updates, most people who have been on for a while like to be recognized, there for people should get more privileges like the new Bee Hive. Whyvillian of the Month, For the nicest or most generous can be nominated and recognized for there good citizenship. More land plots: I think it should be open more than once a week so more people can have there own land. That's all I have right now I promise if I'm elected I will do my best.


1. Do you think that i have what it takes to be senator? Explain..

Tinnie13: Heck yes I do. You are so responsible I would know cause I am your neighbor I'm not just saying this either. Tanner is very nice and he wouldn't do anything to upset anyone. He's friendly and would be a great senator.

NeverxLie: I do believe you have what it takes because you've shown that you have total dedication to helping the Whyville community.

TxicRoses: I do think you have what it takes to be senator because you always tip top shape with listing things and keep things together.

2. What do you like most about my platform?

Tinnie13: I like the Whycourt the most cause it lets you explain what you did and you learn from it.

NeverxLie: What I like about your platform is your ideas aren't based towards Newbies or Oldbies.

TxicRoses: I like the 3 way whisper because sometimes your trying to tell more than one person something so you have to retype it and you don't want to say it out loud.

3. What is the most important issue that you think I can accomplish?

Tinnie13: I think you can accomplish a lot of what he has put in his platform maybe not all of it one man can't do everything.

NeverxLie: I think the biggest thing you will accomplish is to make Whyville a way more enjoyable and friendly site.

TxicRoses: The most important issue i think you can accomplish is the birthday thing. Where you get more upgrade type things as you get older.. or the longer you stay on Whyville (joined)

*Thank you so much for taking the time and reading my Times Article. I really think that I do have what it takes to be senator as you read at the top. When or if I do become senator I'll have you know that I will do my best to listen and bring forth the issues to the City Workers. Thank you for your time!



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