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Hey! This is my first time writing for the Whytimes but since I'm one of the Senate finalists, I'm writing for the times. As in top six I'd like your help. I want to become one of the senators! If you like my ideas then I think I should be a great senator for you. I want to hear everyones requests and try to change Whyville!

Here's a few of my ideas;

- More than 512 parts in akbars, when you click on a category in the bar.
- Bring Why-passes back and keep the pearls too.
- More tools while creating designs. Example: Spray paint, line drawing, more colors such as silver/gold/metallic, an undo button, etc.
- Better security to log in like entering your Username, Password, E-mail, and create your own question with a password for it. Less chances of getting hacked with this now eh?
- Make your own layouts/backgrounds.
- Akbar not accepting scribbles.
- Higher priced scions and a new one coming out each month.
- 1,000 clams for your Birthday entered.
- Make your own calendar for scheduled events.
- Accepting long shirts.
- Renew a part for 500 clams instead of pearls.
- Whypets for clams, depending on how many faceparts added on Whypet price goes up.
- Animated pearl face part back, when you purchase pearls.
- Blinking inbox when new mail arrives.
- It shows when your parts expire in the new pick your nose.

and MANY more ideas. I know where to start with these, I know I have a lot of ideas, but they are all requests by different Whyvillians. I hope to become senator, and if I do; I wish to everyone to have the great new Whyville you all wanted.

I know some ideas may not work, but I want to try, and make the best for YOU!


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