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Interviewing the Greek Gods

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Hey, hey, hey! A lot of people have been asking me to interview Athena, so, who do you think I interviewed? Athena; The Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Crafts.

megmeg9: Hi Athena!
Athena: Hello.
megmeg9: You have no idea how many Whyvillians asked me to interview you. Anyway, how exactly were you born?
Athena: I'm not exactly surprised, I am a pretty cool goddess. My mother and Zeus got together, and when Zeus found out that Metis was going to have a child, he got nervous, because if I turned out to be a boy, he was afraid that I'd be powerful, and overthrow him. So, he ate Metis while she was still pregnant with me.
megmeg9: He ate your mom?! No offense, but that's kind of messed up. So, if he pretty much killed Metis by swallowing her, how are you here?
Athena: Yes, it is very messed up. But this is going to sound even more weird, because Zeus swallowed my mom, he became pregnant with me. Hephaestus stroke Zeus's head with an Axe, to let me out. And thus, I was born. I wasn't the only child Zeus gave birth too, in fact, he gave birth to Dionysus too.

megmeg9: Wow. That's pretty disturbing. Next question. Why is it that the city of Athens is dedicated to you?

Athena: Well, Poseidon and I both wanted Athens to be our sanctuary spot. So Poseidon created a spring, that flowed with saltwater. But I out shined him by creating an olive tree on the Athenian Acropolis.

megmeg9: How did you decide who won?
Athena: The Greeks were very happy with the olive tree, it has been very useful to them for thousands of years, so Poseidon agreed that Athens should be my sanctuary, and the Greeks were so thankful that they built the Parthenon, a temple in my honor.

megmeg9: Wow! An entire temple!? That's pretty cool. So, I've heard stories about you and Medusa . . .?
Athena: Oh yes. One day, Medusa, so full of herself, said that she was much more beautiful than me. She was pretty . . . but more gorgeous than me? I think not.
megmeg9: Yea, because you're not full of yourself at all . . .
Athena: Exactly! (Athena failed to recognize my sarcasm. I guess that's a good thing though. Don't want to go around messing with the gods.) How dare her say such a thing! So, what did I do? I made her regret for ever saying such nonsense, I turned her long locks, into snakes, that must be annoying. If she tried to tie them into a ponytail, they'd probably hiss, and if she just let them hang to her shoulders, they'd probably bite. And too make things worse, I cursed her, so every time someone, or something looked at her, they'd turn to stone.
megmeg9: Yikes. Remind me not to make you mad . . . but making anyone who looks at her turn into stone, isn't that punishing others more than Medusa?
Athena: Not exactly, once people found this out, they'd avoid her for all of eternity. It was perfect.
megmeg9: That's not creepy . . . well, uhm, I have to go . . .
Athena: Okay, thanks for interviewing me, bye!

Sorry to cut the interview short, I was a little scared of Athena after the whole Medusa story. Well, this is Meg, off to research a less intimidating god. Later gator. Ha, I've always wanted to say that. Bye!

Author's Note: I got my research from my school textbooks, and this very helpful website, http://www.loggia.com/myth/athena.html. And as always, I got all of my pictures from www.tinypic.com.


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