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Sitting on the living room love seat, nose in a romance novel. "Oh Fernando, come take me away!" is the only thought that crosses your mind. You set your lace and pearl embellished bookmark only a few pages away from the end of the novel. You sit the book on the coffee table and take a deep breath in. Cheesy hearts are fluttering from your sadly written romance novel thought process. And then it suddenly hits you . . .

Some of us wonder about it all the time. Right and left, your best friends have boyfriends or girlfriends and you . . . don't. Try as they may, your friends want to hook you up with someone, just anyone. Yet, you are either too picky or you believe not a single soul wants to go out with you.

Well, Whyville, I'm sitting here at the exact same page. Pondering on the couch with this complex question swarming in and out of my head; Will I ever fall in love? At this point, my answer is no. And as February ends, I'm realizing that I am okay with that answer.

I don't really want to fall in love, anyway. I don't want to act like an idiot because of "love." I don't want to fling myself onto someone every single time I see them. Oh my, PDA is disgusting. I absolutely hate the sound that a kiss makes. The mere sound of a smooch just makes me cringe. I would like to simply punch someone in the jugular when they make that sound. Ugh. Enough of your love, love.

Give your love to someone else, please. I have enough of it already as it is. My parents smother me with it, beings I am an only child. Frankly, I hate you, love. I would rather sit here typing at the computer than sit on the couch with my mom today. She would probably read me a magazine in a loving voice. Oh, how I would like to barf on that magazine. Bleh. Get away from me, love.

I don't want your boyfriends, either. Not at all. You can keep all your snot nosed men and I'll be fine alone. I've been alone most all of my life, love. I have chosen to stay away from your spit swapping boy toys for more than 2 years. I'm happy, really I am. I may question that every once in a while, but I am happy. Do I want to fall in love? No, not at all, love.

I am fine with the fact that I may become a cat lady some beautiful day, love. It's all dandy pandy with me. I can love, yes I can, and I know what you mean by love, love. I just don't want to fall in love, no sir. I do want to give everyone else my love, but I'm fine with you not giving love to me. Really I am. Certainly sure.

If I ever do fall in love, things may change, love. Yet, beyond today I am not sure. Good riddance February and all your mushy cards. I'm ready for March. Aren't we all?

I'm okay with being single. Are you?



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