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In the Eyes of an Oldbie

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Hi everyone, this is fishie110, a veteran of five years. Throughout my Whyville experience I have watched this website grow, expand and, of course, change. I still remember the hair Dirty Little Secret that almost every girl had back in 2004 and eyes like a goddess (I hated those eyes!) and I remember way back when there was only one beach or when Scions didn't exist and Whyville was still young. Basically, I have been here for a ridiculously long time. Out of all of the changes Whyville has made, however, I think the biggest change I have witnessed is the evolution of the Whyville citizens.

Let me tell you about when I first joined this website. My friend lolypop93 actually made my account for me and helped me raise my salary. Overall, he was a great friend and helped me to get started. Way back in 2004, Whyville was an amazing site. There were friendly people everywhere. I remember entering a room, like the Greek Theater and people would say "Hi" and greet me warmly. It was part of this great system called "the Whyville way". How many citizens know about the Whyville way now? Not many, in my eyes.

I've looked around this website and the personalities of some people are shocking. One citizen had the nerve to call me a Newbie (in a scornful way, mind you) and I had to explain my veteranship. Some people are still very nice, but I've found that it is difficult to find friends now. People ignored me when I said hello. All of my old friends have left the cite and the only reason I come on anymore is to read the Whyville Times. Sad, right?

Don't get me wrong; I loved this site for over three years and Whyville will always have a spot in my heart. I have both good and bad memories from this site. Oh, yes, even I have made my mistakes. I once hacked a friend's account for a day and I am ashamed even thinking about it. I've also been fairly rude to people. But that's the great thing about Whyville. I learned to be nicer. Over time I stopped fighting with random citizens. Basically, I learned the Whyville way.

Let me now explain the Whyville way to all of you. It is greeting people into a room and making them feel welcome. It is helping Newbies instead of teasing them. It is being nice to your fellow citizens and it is being honest and not cheating your salary. Most of all, it is being a good citizen and doing what is right, not because you have to, but because you want to.

I'll never forget Whyville. I plan on staying on this website for a while yet, if only to read the Whyville Times. I've had breaks from Whyville and I have always come back, although I do not expect to be on forever. I know I will quit in a few years, just like every other citizen does. One day I hope Whyville will change for the better, but until then this is fishie110 signing out . . .



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