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Getting to Know the City Workers

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City Workers always do a lot for Whyville, and they really deserve to be recognized! I love making friends with City Workers, and getting to know them. We are always so close to City Workers, but we never really chat, ask questions, and say "Hi" to them. When a City Worker comes into a chat room, they are often flooded with questions! I want to get to know them more, because they are SO awesome! Without them, there wouldn't be a Whyville!

First, I decided to ask random questions . . .

Mylo9810: What is your favorite color?
McBean: Periwinkle.
Lopan: Dark blue.
Stachey: Turquiose.

Mylo9810: What is your favorite animal?
Lopan: DRAGON!!! <3
Mcbean: River Otter.
Stachey: Bunny.

Mylo9810: What is your favorite fruit?
Lopan: Dragons don't eat fruit!
McBean: Apricot.
Stachey: Strawberries.

Mylo9810: What is your favorite shape?
Lopan: Hmm . . . the shape of a dragon! Well, dragon shape!
McBean: Figure 8.
Stachey: Heart

Mylo9810: What is your favorite book?
Lopan: "Enders Game"
McBean: "Little House on the Prarie"
Stachey: I don't have one, but I just finished "Monster".

Then, I went to the more "important" questions!

Mylo9810: How is it like, being a City Worker?
Lopan: It's great! I love it, but it is hard work sometimes, but still great!
McBean: Being a CW is a great job. The best part is getting the opportunity to meet all kinds of neat folks from all around the world! Some CW's work as artists, helping to create the screens you see here in Whyville. Some, program all of the new games and chat rooms. And others, work behind the scenes in customer service, monitoring and reviewing 911 reports, and planning the next great event in Whyville.
Stachey: It's pretty fun and awesome. I love working for Whyville :).

Mylo9810: Do you love your job?
Lopan: Yes! Of course!
McBean: Yes, I do. I can't believe I get paid to draw!
Stachey: I do love working for Whyville very much!

Mylo9810: Do you show up in chat rooms a lot, often, sometimes, or not at all?
Lopan: Often!
McBean: Sometimes. I try my best to go to Meet The Makers once a month. I check my ymail weekly and try to drop into random chat rooms when I have time.
Stachey: I show up once in a while.

Mylo9810: Do you ever communicate with Whyvillians, and try to make friends with them?
Lopan: Yep!!! =)
McBean: I do communicate with Whyville citizens while in chat rooms, especially at Meet The Makers! I tend not to make real friends because I am an adult and working and Whyville is my job. I don?t think it is appropriate for me to get too close to other users.
Stachey: Yes! I chat with the kids online when I'm around. I do make friends with Whyvillians I see a lot.

Mylo9810: Most importantly, do you like cheese?
Lopan: Yes!!! Delicious!
McBean: If course! Everyone likes cheese.
Stachey: Yeah!! Definitely.

All of the City Workers LOVE their jobs, and that's the truth! City Workers are epic. They care so much about keeping Whyville's community together! That is why they have added pearls and other new things. Also, I think having a friendship with the City Workers is important, and we should get to know them (as I have said before). So if you get lucky and see a City Worker in the chat room, be sure to trip over yourself to say "Hi".

Oh, and I almost forgot! Make sure you respect them, for they are your 'elders'. They have priority over you, and, well, they're City Workers! Gotta love 'em.

A CITY WORKER! *gasps, and waves*

Author's Note: I thank all of the City Workers for their time!


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