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Unexpected: Part Six

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Blood poured from my eyes as I screamed, crying and flailing around in agony. "It hurts, Daddy, it hurts!" I shrieked, clenching my eyes shut. I howled in agony, and my body twisted and contorted into the most uncomfortable positions. "Monique, please!" He begged. I opened my eyes to see tears welling in his eyes, and a single tear rolled down Mom's cheek. I screeched again, and suddenly, the pain was gone. I was numb, relaxed, and I closed my eyes. I exhaled, and opened my eyes. Stella and Little Adrian were running around, playing gracefully in a beautiful meadow. He was watching them, staring at them in disgust. "How did they get here? They're the Living Dead," Rowan said in disgust to Him. "They lived a sinless life," he said. I walked to them, the grass soft and tender. I looked at my reflection in a pond, seeing the short cut dress I was wearing. I looked at it, grabbing it and spinning to get the full effect. My hair smacked me in the face, Dad's hair. Mom and Dad! And Celeste! I looked at my reflection in the pond, my eternal beauty lingered and the traces of my mauling were gone. I touched my face, stroking my cheek, and held a single hand to my chest, were a slight burning sensation tingled.

My Immortality Charm was unbroken, laying against my chest, and I pulled it off. I looked behind me and He was there, smiling contently at me. "Alice Adrienne Brown, you are welcome into the Gates of Heaven. You may proceed with Stella and Adrian," he whispered. Stella?! Adrian?! "Why are these two here?!" I asked in a panicked tone. "Your father is a genius, but they've taken to life here," he said. I screamed. "No! I don't want Heaven, I want immortality! I want existence, I want life!" I screamed, tears rolling down my magnificent cheeks and into the pond. "You are home. I've chosen you to be an Angel," he said proudly. I gasped in shock, and Rowan hissed. I closed my eyes and grasped my charm. "My parents," I whispered.


Alice is gone. My beautiful, sweet, intelligent Alice has died. I shrieked in agony as I held her hand that was really lifeless now. "Alice," I moaned, laying my head against her body. Sobs shook me as I ran my fingers through her hair. "I loved her so much! Adrian, fix it! Bring her back!" I screamed, holding Alice's lifeless body against my chest as I sat up. He shook his head and sighed. "Her body is in no condition to put a soul in!" I glared at him with disgust. "Bring her back and heal her with toxins, I know you can!" I shouted with an edge of anger. "Monique, I am not putting her through the traumatic experience of being brought between the barriers," Adrian muttered, wiping away a single tear. I screamed and held Alice close to my body, and flames surrounded us. "Monique, close that gate right now!" Adrian shouted like he was my father. "Forget you!" I shouted back, staring about. Alice stood next to Him, arguing about something. "Alice Adrienne!" I shouted. A halo slowly formed above her head and she screamed. There was no way Heaven was taking my baby.

I dashed off and paused in front of Him, on the side of Alice. "I don't care if I have to reside in a thousand fires for eternity if I die, you can't have her!" I growled. I grabbed Alice and ran to my barrier, where Adrian held it open. "True love at it's finest if a mother can take the Afterlife from her daughter if it's what her daughter wants," He said. I kept running, Alice and I breaking through the barrier.

"Stop! It hurts! Please!" Alice shouted and screamed. She howled again, a deafening howl of rage and pain, as Adrian tried sucking the poison out of her. "Too much," He said as he spat the acidic drool on the ground and watched it melt a rock. "It's burning her from the inside out," Adrian said, holding her down so she wouldn't worsen the pain trying to relieve it. "What can we do?" I asked, concentrating my medicinal gaze on her. She stopped and sighed, looking around to get a better idea of where she was. "A whole lot of nothing." I lifted Alice up gingerly and walked to the house, Adrian holding Celeste. Alice closed her eyes, but I knew she was awake. The pain was starting to settle back inside of her, and she squirmed lightly. "It's okay, Alice. I promise, we have to let it dilute itself," I cajoled. She cried and I held her to my body, comforting my flesh and. . . Erm, DNA. She laughed at that thought.

A single shriek found it's way through Alice's teeth as she howled and threatened us. "I'll kill you! I promise, I'll tear you to shreds!" She was promising us brutal deaths, empty promises. "Alice, stay still!" Adrian shouted, strapping her back down. He bit down on her neck and pulled away, letting the acid pour from her and into a bucket. She shrieked again, squirming and trying to free herself. "No! It burns! Release me at once!" She shrieked. I bit the other side and pulled away, to which she snapped her head to the side to bite me. "Alice, if you bite me, we're going to have difficulties," I threatened. It wasn't a threat, it was a promise. She growled in response. "Keep squirming and your entire neck is going to be scarred," Adrian muttered. Alice tried to stay still, but she couldn't help the pain.

Stella and Adrian, my beautiful babies, had died. They took to Heaven and bailed on us. But I have my Adrian and my Alice, my Celeste and my life. All I need to be happy.

Author's Note: The next series switches out entirely. Each piece is in either Monique, Adrian, or Alice's point of view.


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