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Yay for Gay?

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Everywhere I go, I hear people saying things like, "That's gay," and "Wow, you're so gay!" When my good friend came out and told everyone he was gay, people made fun of him. They still make fun of him now, almost a year later. Why? What's wrong with being gay? Last I checked, 'gays' are still humans, they're regular people just like 'straight' people. So why all the rudeness? Let's hear from the people of Whyville.

Prtykity7: Do you think being gay is wrong?
Skyx31: Yes. We have different genders for a reason.
Serpentpa: No. If someone loves someone, they have the right to get married.
DrTanner: I don't because love is love and I don't like it when people can't be together if they do love each other.
Leafheart: Um . . . Well I think it is kinda sorta wrong, but people have the right to love who they want.
Birchtail: Yes. I guess God meant for us to be married or girlfriend/boyfriend with the other gender.

Prtykity7: Why do you think people say, "That's gay."
Skyx31: I don't know.
Serpentpa: I think it's cause they think it's wrong.
DrTanner: Everyone says that so they just say what they hear.
Leafheart: Because certain people think it is or it's retarded.
Birchtail: Well, they might hear it from other people.

Prtykity7: What do you think people feel is so wrong about being gay?
Skyx31: I guess they think it's nasty, and only boys and girls should be together (Or males/females).
Serpentpa: Because they think only people of opposite gender should be together.
DrTanner: Hmmm . . . Same as Serpent's answer.
Leafheart: I think that's like the only answer because that's what I was thinking too. XD
Serpentpa: See! I can read minds!
DrTanner: The bible says no, but some people can't help how they feel.
Birchtail: Hmmm . . . I don't know.

Prtykity7: Say you found out that your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend was gay. What would you do?
Skyx31: I would make an attempt to stop his "relationship", and if he doesn't, I would get mad . . .? xD
Serpentpa: I would see if they were just playing me. If not, I would be ok with that.
DrTanner: I would accept it because it's their decision.
Leafheart: I would ask if he had liked me or if he was just using me to see.
Birchtail: I just wouldn't talk to her anymore.

Thanks a bunch to all my participants! And extra big thanks to DrTanner for taking time out of his campaign to answer my annoying questions.

Editor's Note: Please remember that homosexuality is a controversial and sensitive subject for all of us. Please remain respectful in your discussion. Thank you.


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