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Our Newest Senators

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As you know, the polls have been closed and the winners of the Senate Election are . . . Drtanner, Melsey6, and Ciaobella! I congratulate each of them. I am sure Whyville is wondering about their Senators, so I decided to interview them.

MaximumD2: As a Whyville Senator, do you and will you bring joy to Whyville or just the let the other Senators and the site do the work?

Melsey6: Well so far I haven't done anything since I'm not official yet, but yes, I want to make my ideas that I gave out in my platform happen. That is why I ran. I plan on working just as hard as the others if not harder.
Ciaobella: Absolutely not. I campaigned extremely hard, and that will not go in vain.
Drtanner: I want to help make Whyville better. I don't plan on standing back and doing nothing.

MaximumD2: What will you bring to Whyville? (For instance: games, new chat rooms, etc.)

Melsey6: My ideas were numerous in my platform. I did want a rain forest chat room maybe with salary games that teach you about animals and the rain forest. I want to bring some sort of hacking protection such as my platform idea SafeAccount. My third favorite idea was a used car lot. Other than that, I just want to go down the list of everything in my platform and see what Whyville let's me do.
Ciaobella: Well, if you haven't read my platform, I introduced a few things, such as: a WhyCourt system to justify yourself if you've ever been wrongly punished, and the return of the wishing well, but a Twilight well. To read more of my ideas, you can view my platform in the March 2nd edition of the Times.
Drtanner: I will bring anything I can to Whyville with the City Worker's approval.

MaximumD2: Will you fix the little problems or start a new project?

Melsey6: Sure, little problems are just as important. I remember this summer for 2 days you couldn't see people's names, it was a small problem but very important to quickly fix. As for new projects, if Whyville is planning something that I see could be improved, I'd like to suggest my ideas to tweak it.
Ciaobella: Hm, little problems -- such as glitches and etc.? I would like the glitches to the Times to be fixed, as well as the chat monitor's strictness to be a little tweaked . . . It's too difficult for us to say things anymore.
Drtanner: I will help with what ever I can help with. xD

MaximumD2: And lastly, is there anything you would like to announce to Whyville?

Melsey6: I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who voted, that I'm happy with the other people that got elected, and that I plan to do exactly what I said in my platform and while campaigning to my best ability.
Ciaobella: Well, I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me, or voted at all, I appreciate it a lot =).
Drtanner: Nope xD.

I would like to thank our Senators for their time to do this interview. I would also like to say congratulations to everyone who made it to the top six. They worked hard to get where they are now, and I wish them all luck!



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