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Easy Clams

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Howdy! I'm back with another round of Easy Clams for ya. This week, Easy Clams is brought to you by: 'Bama O's cereal.

It's the change we need, in our diet.

Now, this game is called Word Search (Easy.) All you have to do is look at the box containing the letters below and find twelve words that relate to Whyville. Some words might be spelled diagonally, some vertically, horizontally, or possibly backwards. But not diagonally backwards. That would be ridiculous.

Here are some clues on what to look for:

Three Whyville chat room names.
The name of a game that raises your Whyville salary.
Something that you've read today.
Something that you will receive on the first week of April, it's something that you would wear on Whyville.
The name of the person that owns a "face mall" and a "face factory."
Something that you would drive around Whyville.
A word that is the name of Ottawa's NHL team, but also the new job title of three Whyvillians.
The name of something that is small, cute and cuddly that you need "something other than clams" to buy.
And if you do find word number twelve, a word that isn't a real word but it is the name of a famous Whyvillian, you will get double your prize.

The first person to find all twelve will win 5,000 clams. The second will receive 2,500 clams. The third will receive 1,000 clams. And the next lucky seven won't be so lucky, as they will get only 250 clams and an apology for getting only 250 clams.

Good luck, and good night.


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