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The Best Years Of My Life

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What would we do without our beloved Whyville? Whyville has gone through so much, and I feel honored to be a part of the many things that happened. Although I've lost many accounts, it's Whyville itself who has made me come to think of all the wonderful things that have happened on our beautiful small island. I wish I could say I was on Whyville for 10 years, but I've only been here for 5. When I was a lad, and pup was a sheep, I joined Whyville in May of 2004. And ever since that beautiful sunny day, I've been hooked on you, Whyville.

I can't thank my brother enough for introducing me to Whyville. With my very first account, Blaze117, along with my brother, Jake117, we were so young and foolish that we basically gave our accounts away, not knowing that we would be on here for years. Sadly, my brother quit a year ago, not knowing what he would be missing. As my brother grows on, I can't get rid of you, Whyville. You've been with me since I was 11 years old. You are the salt to my pepper. The peanut butter to my jelly. And all the other things that I can't think of right now because my mind is too busy thinking of my memories.

I've been through (most) of Whyville's changes throughout the years, along with the all-glorious "Tator Day" that I can't seem to get out of my mind. There were many Tator Days, but the first one sticks with me the most. Although I don't remember the exact day, it was December of 2005 when the very first Tator Day struck! That glorious day was when everyone in Whyville looked exactly the same, they were all tators! It was that day, when you didn't have to judge people or make friends based on what they looked like, because we all looked the same. You could have been the poorest person in Whyville, and you could have made a friend that day who was the richest Whyvillian you had ever seen. But what made it so wonderful thinking back at it, is that we were all the original tator. Not the blue one. All hail Tator Day.

I've been through a lot with Whyville, but this change deserves the glory of all glories. The darn waiting room! Oh, how I hated it ever so much. Everyday after school I would go on Whyville, little to find out that I could never log on because there were too many people. You see, the waiting room was a little page you were redirected to when there were too many people on the site and they couldn't fit anymore. So, little old you had to wait until someone logged off, and you got the chance to log in as soon as they, (YOU GUESSED IT!) logged out. But of course, I'm not happy that they invented the waiting room, I'm happy the day they got rid of it. It was a happy day the day the waiting rooms were no more!

My all-time favorite change is watching all of the layout's inside and out, change. My favorite change of them all was when Whyville's ENTIRE look changed. This happened around June of 2008, so I'm sure most of you were here for this 'dramatic' change. This just so happens to be my favorite because of all the chaos that came with it. Hundreds of petitions, many many articles, huge BBS fights, THIS was the biggest change Whyville ever made . . . besides Pearls, of course.

Goodness gracious golly gosh, Whyville has had so many changes, I can't even think right now. But in all honesty, it's not the changes that makes me so into Whyville . . . it's the people I meet. Throughout the years there have been so many people that I love so much, making it so hard to log off sometimes. You guys know who you are, and you are the ones that keep me up half the night talking about "American Idol" and the weirdest things I wouldn't even think of if I wasn't around you. Whyville has been so amazing throughout my five years, and I plan on coming on for many more. I give my thanks to thee, Whyville. And I can only hope that you continue to amaze me.

This is Kirskooki, off to go finish my subway sandwich.

Author's Note: I know that I didn't include HALF of the things that Whyville has gone through in the past 5 years, so please don't go screaming in the BBS what I left out, because I already know. Thanks.


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