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The New BBS Layout

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Last week I clicked on the BBS link, ready to post my opinion of Cobd's article. To my surprise, I noticed the old BBS was gone and in it's place was a brand new BBS! Actually, all the old features were still there, but there is so much more now.

For a start, the color scheme has changed, from bright purple and orange to paler pastel colors. The new color scheme gives off a fresher, more modern vibe than the brighter, block colors on the old layout. There is a feature that shows who is online right now, and a feature that shows who posted latest on each thread. It also shows what date and time the latest post was posted, so anyone who wants to know doesn't have to go through all the posts. It's time saving and looks better and more interesting.

Now, by clicking on the "Whyville Times" link you can get to any BBS in the current edition of the Whyville Times, plus see what the most recent thread was in each of those articles. Again, it's time saving, helpful, and it will encourage citizens who, for example, don't normally go on the Creative Writing section to post their opinions on the article and, therefore, check out pieces of writing that they wouldn't normally check out. Introducing yourself to new types of work and maybe writing some of your own will definitely benefit you and you will no doubt enjoy it as well.

By clicking on BBS home, you can access loads and loads of other Bulletin Boards on many topics such as Ask The City Workers, Music, School, Beauty & Fashion, Whyville Times (obviously), and Books & Writing, to name a few. Click on these and go to other Bulletin Boards to do with the subject, and click on these and you can make your own threads. Ever wanted to debate about something in the Whyville Times BBS but there was never an article about it? Well now you can debate about just about anything, and you can get to it from the Times BBS.

I also noticed there is a very prominent link to the ?rules and guidelines? of the BBS. This will hopefully help eliminate spammers and bullies. Now they will hopefully understand what their punishments can be and how serious intimidating people and ruining the atmosphere of the BBS can be.

Overall, I think the new BBS is, to be perfectly honest, brilliant. Most of the old features have been kept. Each of the new features, including the links to all the other BBS's and everything that has been changed with the Times BBS are, although some being understated, some being prominent, just brilliant. I find it hard to say a single thing that is wrong with it, and the few complaints around so far have been minor things that don't really matter, such as some picky people who don't like the color. Feel free to post your opinions of the new BBS, in the new BBS!



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