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Teleportion Forgotten?

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I joined Whyville in 2006, and was amazed at how much stuff there was: a pool, a fitness center, spin games that made smoke come out of my ears! I remember when one of my first friends, laurel1, told me to go to the moon.

The moon? I quickly skimmed though my destination box, confused. Finding no moon I asked the question, for to learn we must ask them. How do I get there? Laurel told me to say "teleport moon" and I could tell from across the computers she was thinking, "Gosh, she doesn't know how to get to the moon?"

I typed the simple letters and was whisked away to a gray landscape, with an American flag frozen in a waving position. "Wow! This isn't Whyville anymore," thought my silly Newb thoughts. After that, I tried teleporting to all of the planets. I got to each one except Venus and Pluto (which, ironically, isn't a planet anymore) I spent a lot of time at the moon, as a horse, a human with cat ears, and as a wolf (with almost all of these I wore a ninja band). Ah, to speak of the ninjas. Nearly every time I went, there were always ninjas. I had a couple ninja friends, and I learned some jutsu.

In the year 2008, I think, the ninjas seemed to disappear! No matter what time I went to any of the planets, they were gone. I also noticed that there was a considerable amount less of people who went to the moon at all. Most of these were human avatars, not the beautiful medley of animals and humans.

I've always wondered whether ninjas just went out of style, or if they just moved to a different hang-out. But one thing's certain to me: people stopped coming because the older citizens stopped telling people about the teleportation system.

This is Indeh signing off. *teleports to the moon to remember the good ol' days*

Authour's Note: I know, this article was short, but worth your time, right?


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