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Old Whyville Days

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Remember those days? You know, the days you were a Newbie? How you found out about Whyville and you were itching to play it? I definitely remember, too.

I was hanging out with my friend, Brittney. I had just turned nine a few weeks before. We got really bored, so my friend (who was about thirteen at the time) showed me Whyville and how to work the computer. The second she made me an account, I was so excited! I fiddled with everything and raised my salary a bit. I never really chatted because I couldn't type fast enough yet and I didn't even know how to chat! So, each day I went on until I pretty much got "addicted", or so you would say. I loved Whyville and I still do.

Soon, I started raising up my clams until I figured out how to do pick your nose and buy in Akbar's Factory. And so, I got a cat face (yes, I started out with a cat face and I still am a cat!). Because, of course, one of my favorite animals is a cat. I hated being a "human". It was boring, I thought. Why be a human in Whyville if you're one in real life?

Soon I started practicing with typing by writing e-mails to some of my friends and family. I started getting better and better until, well, look where I am now! I started to chat with people. I thought these Oldbies were mean because they never gave me clams and they were always calling me a Newbie. I didn't really know why, but I just ignored it. I started to learn about Whyville and I was soon getting smarter and smarter. I don't really like to pick on Newbs myself, because I know how it feels. I guess people just want to have their chance with making fun of people :(.

Whyville has been a great influence on me. Now, I am inspired to write my own novel. And I enjoy writing for the Times. It is one of my great passions. I can't believe that Whyville is now ten years old! Whyville has been changing over these past ten years. Now we have pearls, a new look, and WhyPets. Whyville is so updated, and it is still to be updated even more! That may seem sad, but we can continue to love Whyville. If we really like it, then we'll stay! You don't have to leave, even if it changes!

I hope to stay with Whyville for a very long time. A lot of my first friends have left, but I've made many more. It's sad to see people go. I really hope that Whyville will stay with us for a very long time. I enjoy it so much!

I almost slipped on the sacred banana! Oops


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