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Deserving, Again

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I walk through the crowded aisles of a grocery store. I see millions of cartons of Peeps. I buy a few, it's a good buy for a buck. Swinging my plastic bag, hitting the sides of my thighs, I think of nothing. I have not a care in the world. Then, hunger strikes. I bite into the creamy, sugary goodness and it brings back those memories. Oh, those memories.

" . . . I called Sean and broke up with him." It was as simple as that. We stayed friends, continued to talk, and moved on. For a little while, anyway. He moved on, is how the story goes. I, however, didn't necessarily move on. I happened to stay in the same relationship.

Ever so suddenly, I convinced my entire class, friends, and enemies that Trevor and I had just met. Ha ha, what a joke. I felt like a puppet master, a player, a ventriloquist. I played Sean and Trevor at the same time. Oh, what talent I had. I could have everything I wanted in life through cheating. I could do anything. Until . . . my own strings got cut.

I told my mom I was going to hang out with a friend that lived down the street.

"Have fun and be home by 6:30."


I leaped out of the doorway, heart racing. It was a little chilly, so I went back in to grab my jacket and then I stopped for a moment. I think I was second guessing myself, but who knows.

It was a long walk, but I could see that Trevor was watching me out of his window. He came running to me and kissed me on the forehead. Something Sean would do. It made me cringe a bit. Yet, Trevor thought I was cold. We ran to his porch and he dragged me inside. It was so warm, I felt at home again. We barely made it to the couch that day and the phone rang. Trevor grabbed it, slammed it, and plopped down next to me. I thought nothing of it. I didn't even ask who it was.

About 10 minutes later, we were still in our favorite spot, eating Peeps. He knew they were a favorite of mine around Easter, so he stocked up. Then, the phone rang. Trevor grabbed it, hung up, and plopped down next to me. He smiled, but it wasn't the same smile. Was he up to something? I forgot about it. I forgot to ask who it was.

Trevor had gone upstairs, so I tip-toed to the phone. I touched it, and it started ringing. Again? Who could this be? The name read "Dawn." How peculiar. I answered it.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Tessa . . . who are you? Where is Trevor? Wait, are you Ashley?"

"Uh, yeah. How do you know me?"

Trevor was standing at the bottom of the stairs, mouth gaped open. He ran to me, hugged me, then tried to take the phone from me. I pushed him away. I ran upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom.

"Hi Tessa. How do you know Trevor, again?"

"Oh, he's my boyfriend. And you are his best friend, right?"

Tessa and I talked for about 30 minutes. The entire time, Trevor stayed downstairs on the couch. He knew not to mess with me. My strings were cut.

Confusing at it was, Trevor was cheating on me. At the same time, I was helping him cheat on Tessa.

When I had been cheating on Sean, Trevor was also dating Tessa. We were both cheating on our "real partners." I didn't know any of this, though. Trevor had swore to me that he had broke up with his girlfriend before we started cheating on Sean. Sean was out of the picture now, and Tessa was supposed to be gone a long time ago. He lied. He lied so many times. How could he do this to me?

He had played me. He was the real puppet master, player, and ventriloquist. I was just an idiot. I was an idiot cheater.

Yes, that relationship I stayed in was the same. In a very twisted way, it was just another cheating relationship.

Maybe that was my karma. Will I ever really know?

I do not deserve love, Whyville.



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