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Little Miss Beauty

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Caked in makeup, smothered in a fake tan, bedazzled with glitter and jewelry, and pressured by stage moms. What I'm talking about, if you haven't guessed yet, is beauty pageants for toddlers and babies.

I was flipping though the channels yesterday, and stopped when I noticed a beauty pageant going on, on TLC. There was a little girl, I think she was about two years old, and she was covered in makeup and was being trained by a handler, and screaming and crying her head off.

I sat there thinking, "How in the world can parents do that to their children? To force their little two year olds into competing in pageants! Horrible, just horrible!"

That little girl was second runner up at the end of the pageant. Her Mom was devastated that her daughter didn't do better because her Mom won a bunch of beauty contests when she was younger, and was disappointed that her daughter couldn't do the same. It was horrible.

They also showed this other little girl who was the age of five, she had a fake tan, fake hair, and was wearing a very skimpy swimsuit for a five year old! She was frowning and acting grumpy backstage, but as soon as she got onto the stage, she put on a super fake and creepy smile, and walked onto the center of the stage, like a trained model, and started making kissy faces at the audience.

It looked like something a trained dog would do, not something a child should do.

Personally, I think beauty pageants for toddlers and babies is a horrible thing, but I don't suppose it's just my opinion you want to hear, so that's why I asked some of our fellow Whyvillians what they think.

ocean10kv: What do you think about children, ages 0-5 competing in beauty pageants?
godess016: Well, I'm not sure haha, because it's all just like, "I'm better than you," rub it in your face kinda thing, but at the same time there is nothing stopping them.

ocean10kv: Do you think when children, ages 0-5 compete in beauty pageants, choose to, or is it their parents decision?
tyler412: Both, their parents want them to do it, so they do it, their 5 year olds use makeup.

ocean10kv: Do you think it's appropriate for children ages 0-5 to wear tons of makeup pus a fake tan, and wearing a swimsuit for a beauty pageant?
koshka: NOO, I think it's dumb and why make the kid look like a teenager? I guess it's more American but I don't get it.

ocean10kv: Do you approve of children ages 0-5 attending beauty pageants?
LaUrAfAy3: No, not really, I mean . . . they are not fully developed and will whine if they don't win.
kandy334: If they really want to, as long as no ones forcing them.
Leafer20: No, they don't really know what they are doing.

Well there you have it, quoted from the Whyvillians themselves! No, I'm telling you this, go into the BBS right now, and share your opinions about this, DO IT NOW!

And while you are sharing your opinions, take a look at this photo of all these little girls in a beauty contest (from the movie Little Miss Sunshine). . . creepy right?



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