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Fun With Fashion

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I know what you're thinking, you think that this is an article telling people what to wear. Well that is absolutely true! I'm going to tell you what to wear, if you don't follow my rules then you will be shunned from Whyville forever . . .

JUST KIDDING! I hope none of you actually believed that! This series is really about Whyville's fashion, but it's not rules. These are just suggestions, each article in this series will have a theme, and I will show several face parts according to that theme. I will sometimes be interviewing designers as well.

I'm sure some of you remember CupofCake and Mallymomo's series called "Why Vogue", I'm really sad that this series doesn't go on anymore, it was fun to see what face parts would be featured next, find out about different designers, and get ideas for dressing up your avatar. Why Vogue has inspired me to write this series.

Fashion is about expressing yourself. I remember I used to follow the trends, but later I found out it was much more fun to make my avatar how I wanted it. That is what makes Whyville unique. You can actually design your own face parts. The options are endless. (As long as it's appropriate, LoL.) So anyway, this fashion series isn't about what's "in", the title says it all! It's about how to have fun, and be unique with your look.

Since this article was basically introducing the series, I thought that this article should feature the very first thing you need in order to start making your face, heads!

Instead of buying the usual plain head, how about you try something different with these pre-made heads?

Comment: Aw, so cute. I love the anime eyes!
For Us XD
by AngieCow -- price: 55

Comment: The name may say it's ugly, but I think it's cute!
by mylo9810 -- price: 30

Comment: I've never seen something like this before, I wonder if the designer could also make other countries too?
Different World
by sassysue9 -- price: 50

Comment: This is very unique, I like it!
Doctor Coco
by kalahboi -- price: 50

Comment: This head makes me crave pears just by looking at it.
'My Pear' Ty Jack
by TayBeMeh -- price: 47

Comment: Fly home butterfly! Be free!
wenchwire butterfly
by wench -- price: 30

Comment: When I first saw this, I knew I had to include it! Who doesn't like toast faceparts? I AM TOAST
by fart876 -- price: 30

Well that wraps the first issue of "Fun With Fashion"! I love unique face parts, there are so many creative people on Whyville.

If you would like to suggest a face part to be mentioned here, or a theme, y-mail me.

The Next Theme: Good Hair Day

This is Mspacman1, getting chased by a dragon flying around her house. *yikes!*


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