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Journey Through The Ages

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March 27, 2004, I made my first Whyville account "spice70". All the "popular girls" in my class were going on Whyville, and a face part they liked was a Tigger replica. Unfortunately, I never had a computer of my own.

My friend made me that account. I instantly fell in love with the old Welcome Page and simply adored the Whybird. The only time I was able to go on my account was at my friend's house.

I remember that she sent me all my clams and face parts, after I visited Grandma's of course. I wore a girleo shirt, "sugar we're going down" hair, a girleo mouth, and some random eyes I found in Akbar's.

I went into the cafeteria with all my new stuff thinking I was super adorable compared to what I looked like with the Grandma stuff on, and some guy called me "hot". I felt like I was the coolest person in the world at that moment. Looking back on that now, I laugh at myself for that. Now whenever I see Newbies asking each other out I tell them that Whyville isn't a dating site.

Time passed and I forgot about Whyville, and my account expired.

April 23, 2006. I finally got a computer with Internet! I was going through any website I could think of all exited. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered Whyville, but couldn't quite recall what the link was. I called up my friend, and she told me.

On I went to Whyville, but everything looked different . . . "Oh well," I thought, "it still looks as fun as ever." And on that note, I created my second account gakk.

On gakk, I always looked like a Newbie, never an Oldbie which projected some negative comments with the older Whyvillians. I would always hang out in the Trading Post, and freak out with excitement whenever I would get invited into a scion. I wasn't too safety smart on Whyville, and when this girl, fizzball, I think that's what her username was, told me in the Trading Post that if I said my password backwards, my clams would double. Me being the foolish Newbie I was, not paying attention to the chat test, gave out my password backwards.

Of course my account was stolen after that, so I created my third account, and my present account, ocean10kv.

I was less of a Newbie on ocean10kv, and I was a mermaid usually at Mars with this girl mermaid50. I wore a mermaid tail, and the hair creepshow porshe, with some extensions. Some guy at Mars would always be in the bottom left hand corner and always say "Fish >_>" it was pretty funny.

I met this guy named Brandon on Whyville, his username is long forgotten, and we would "whydate". Then one day, Brandon proposed to me. My mom and sister were watching me at my wedding laughing at me beside my computer chair thinking I was nuts, as I walked down the imaginary aisle to where Brandon awaited. Him wearing his tux, and me wearing my wedding dress, creepshow porshe, and some veil thing hair extension. We had his friend as our minister, and just when it was my turn to say "I do" I virtually laughed and said, "Haha, you creep" and left.

A year later, I met up with Brandon again. He remembered my username, yet he had a different account. He said he wanted me back, and gave me this high salary girls account with a bunch of stuff on it as a gift and said it was his sister's. I went on the account, yes I admit, I was very wrong but I didn't know any better, and transferred some of the stuff to my account. I changed the email address so this Brandon guy couldn't still get on, and I left Brandon yet again.

A while later I got an email from this girl screaming at me because she thought I stole her account. Turns out Brandon was pretending to date her or something then stole her account and gave it to me. I felt so horrible and gave all her face parts and clams back, and of course her account back to her.

Now, two years later, here I am, writing for the Times, owning three scions, and being a y-mail helper.

If I was to tell you my whole Whyville experience in one word, that word would be "interesting".


Author's Note: When I say "interesting" I mean it was good, and bad, but original at the same time. Something you can't experience on any other site.


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