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Whyvillian Views
What do Whyillians do in Whyville?

by Amanda
Guest Columnist
The Names & Faces of Whyville

If you took a look around Whyville, you'll find that there are some pretty interesting names and faces hanging out here these days. How do folks come up with their Whyville names and faces? Times columnist Amanda reports:



Entrnl* got her name from a cartoon she likes to draw. It's called Enternal Neo Princess Star. She made her up herself. That's pretty neat,I think. She pretty much took her face from her own face. Although she has longer hair,it looks pretty much the same.



Sere got her name from one of her brother's video games. That's a cool way to find a name. As for a face, she's still working on one at the moment. It's looking good so far, but I bet she'll really spice it up.



cheese123 usually uses the word cheese in her screen names. But, cheese is not her favorite food! This time,she just added 123. For her face, it looks pretty cool. She has been changing her face though. But it always looks awesome.



Well, jeff just thought of his name off the top of his head. As for his face, he saw some cool stuff at the bazaar so he bought it and fixed his face up. He had problems with his face at first, but when he fixed it, it looked cool.

Some of these answers are pretty interesting! I didn't think of names coming from cartoons, or video games before. It seems like a neat way, so I might try it.

Anyway,thanks for the interview, you four!


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