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Stirring Up Science: Stirring Up Warmth?

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Hello to all the Whyvillian's out there! I'm sure getting sweaty, I haven't written for the Times in so long. Well, I'm sure that the Earth is getting pretty sweaty too, eh? Did you ever stop to think that our poor planet could in fact, one day, be so polluted with junk, that we all die of horrible diseases? Or something so terrible, that it almost destroys the entire human race? I do. I think about this a lot. You should too. Why, you ask? I'll tell you why. This is Nateenka, signing in.

You're enjoying a beautiful day at the beach. It's 30 degrees Celsius. Sure, it's warm, not hot, but isn't it getting hot for the Earth? If you consider the fact that every single day our Earth gets polluted more, you're on the right track. Now what do I mean by being on the "right track"? What I mean is, if you actually take the time to think about the planet you live on, and what us humans do to pollute it, you might think about it so much that you want to do something!

Now I'm sure that you've seen a commercial that's advertising something to do with "Go Green!", "Help Save The Planet!", "Be Environmentally Friendly!" or some scheme that the advertisers claim to you that you'll help the Earth if you buy that specific product. Do you believe all those that you see? I sure don't. Why? For one simple reason. Think of how much money, time, fuel, food, people, and anything that was involved in making that commercial, making that product, transporting the people to the place where they ask to put the commercial on, etc. That's a lot of food, waste, and fuel just to put that commercial on! Let alone actually selling this product that helps the Earth. It sure isn't helping the Earth from what I just said, now is it? No.

What about those commercials that advertise you to shut all your power off for one minute on Earth Day? Yes, I'd say that'll help, but only SOME people, who are actually willing to shut their power off for a minute will do it. Not everyone will. I say a "yes, do that!" to that kind of commercial. Even one minute will reduce our power needs for a while.

I've noticed that when I talk about global warming at school with my friends, all of a sudden a lot of people have it on their minds. That's terrific! All I'm asking you to do, is to think about all the things that you waste in a day. All the items you use that use up electricity. All the items that you use that eats up gasoline or diesel. I sure know that I use my bedroom light a lot. This is where you can improvise!

- Instead of using light bulbs, use sunlight. Open your curtain!
- Instead of watching T.V. in the daytime, watch it in the nighttime.
- Instead of sitting on the computer all day, go play outside! It's good for you.
- Rather than running your water while brushing your teeth, turn the tap off.
- If you take long and hot showers like I like too, improvise and have a bath. If you take a hot bath rather than a hot shower, you're saving a lot of hot water and electricity. Wouldn't you rather have a bath, where you could soak than rather have a shower that only lasts so long?
- If you take a shower everyday, time it so it only takes 5 minutes or less and reduce the warmth of the shower every minute. You'll save more hot water and electricity this way.
- Remember the three R's. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

See? Simple things you can do to help save the environment.

Here are some ways that really help the environment:

1. Change your light bulbs to CFL's.
2. Limit your use of all light and electricity. Only use it if you NEED to.
3. Buy a water-efficient toilet, or don't flush as often! (it sounds bad, but really isn't).
4. Check for water leaks all around the sinks and anywhere that uses water.
5. Don't water the lawn as much. You're lawn doesn't need water everyday.
6. When you go to a store, if the cashier asks if you want a bag, say no. (Bring your own fabric bags)
7. Try to not drive in your car as much. If you need something from a store, then go! Try to use your car less.
8. Use public transportation.
9. Ride a bike instead of cars or public transit.
10. Cut back on having bonfires or any kind of fires.
11. Got a treadmill? Go for a walk outside! Even in the rain. Your skin needs moisture.
12. Go fishing rather than buying fish! It's fun anyway.
13. Limit your use of junk food. It's not good for you or the environment.
14. Grow your own plants for your own food! Gardens are great.
15. Living in a cold climate like me? Wear more Organic Cotton clothing or fleece blankets. It keeps you warm!

These are just the basic ways of going green. Now if you REALLY want to, and can afford all these high-tech things, you can go super-green! Maybe even off the grid!

1. Buy solar panels for your own electricity.
2. Get/make your own windmills (wind turbine) for your own electricity.
3. Get an electric car.
4. Use a Sun Oven (it's an oven that uses the sun's heat to cook food).
5. Collect your water when it rains to use around the house (watering your garden, cleaning etc.)

These are of course, more costly, but have great benefits!

So remember the three R's, take action, and help save the planet! Every person helps save the only world we can live on so far. So why not help? It's fun, easy, and it pays off big time. Think Green! Think Environmentally Friendly! Think SMART!

This is Nateenka, signing off.

Author's Note: Sources: "Stuff Happens" (TV show), "Living With Ed" (TV show), anything on the channel Planet Green, My Family, My Old Teacher


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