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Interviewing the Designers

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I have two points to make before beginning this interview. First of all, I am very thankful to everyone for giving advice. Now, I will get even deeper and see the designer's history, and see what Whyville's citizens would make and do if they were designers! Don't you want to see what Whyville's future designers have to offer? Or do you want it to be a surprise? It could be their dream, or it can be their reality and future, you never really know. Second, this series is going to be more detailed, and trust me, it's going to get better and better with each interview!

And who am I going to interview, I wonder? Well, it's someone who isn't super popular, but she is very talented! Her favorite colors are lilac, blue-gray, orange, apple green, and baby blue. Who is it? Why, Ihaveawii, of course! She is really good at designing, and her name is Jessica, or Jess. But some people call her Oak, I suppose. She is a cat, and she doesn't have the widest selection. She needs ideas and FFVs, so mail her if you have some or any. But let's keep going. We're crawling along, I really want to get to interviewing, the finest part.

Mylo9810: When and how did you join?
Ihaveawii: A Monday afternoon, November 20th in 2006. I was had my friend Coty's house, and he showed me this town of Whyville. He helped me make my first account, (123456dog that is now banned) and gave me 100 clams as starting money. He has since then quit, I think, and I've forgotten his account name.

Mylo9810: What was the first face part that you made?
Ihaveawii: FlUx, as you can probably guess, since it's not as well-made as the others. I got the name from a song I was in love with when I made it.

Mylo9810: What is your favorite part that you've made?
Ihaveawii: Foxy loxy, a fox part, as you can tell.

Mylo9810: What is your best seller?
Ihaveawii: Hat that fits black white hearted bangs lawl. I've seen plenty of people wearing it and it sells out quickly.

Mylo9810: What's your favorite part to being a designer?
Ihaveawii: Making designs, seeing people wearing my designs, and having things sell out rapidly, very rapidly!

Mylo9810: Do you have any tips for new designers?
Ihaveawii: Don't rush! It makes it look sloppy and harder to edit in the smaller sizes, in which you should make it look nice and edit every pixel. People probably won't buy the part if it looks sloppy.

Love it! Her parts are really, really good. She's one of my favorite designers, and she's a great friend, too. Her parts are not sloppy at all, which proves that she follows her advice. I like that. I've been trying to follow all of her advice, and it proves to be a bit difficult to not be lazy and hasty! You have plenty of time, do you not? She gave me advice, also, but it was a bit more detailed than what she said in the interview! She told me if there were any abnormally large spots in the lines, to erase it and make it straight and nice, and also to make the size of the lines equal to everything else, so that means no smaller pieces of lines, either. Hope it helped!

It was an interesting interview, but we're not done yet, remember? We still have one more step! Let's go off to citizens and see what they have to say . . .

Mylo9810: Do you want to become a designer? If so, what kind of parts would you make?

jadenman: Oh, sure, I would love to become a designer(*cough* I am *cough*). And I'd make hairs. But mostly jackets(*cough* I do . . . *cough).
Valerie80: Yes, and I make signs, hair, etc.
Janet34: Yes, I would like to become a designer. If I was a designer, I would make all kinds of parts, such as noses, hairs, eyes, all sorts!
FlySheep: Haha, I'm a designer. I make hair, shirts, and hats.
3969balla: Yes, I would like to. And I would make hairs, shirts, and eyes!
SpOrTyAx: Ha, yes, I wanna be a designer! But I have to get much, much better. I would make cats, hats, shirts, hairs, and others.
Miyuki1: I would love to be a designer, if I could get better. And what would I make? I believe I would make more wolves and cats, because we lack formidable designers now-a-days, at least in my opinion.
mrtucan0: Haha, being a designer would be fun! I would love it! I would try making a bunch of shirts and hair because we're always lacking those two important things; at least good shirts and hair, lol!

Mylo9810: Do you like Ihaveawii's parts?

jadenman: The parts are good, but then again, I'm not such a big fan of cat parts! But I gotta say, I love the bright colors that Ihaveawii uses. It makes you happy and yet peaceful at the same time. She also has very calming colors.
Valerie80: Nah, cats aren't my thing really.
Janet34: Ihaveawii's parts are good for people wanting cat parts!
FlySheep: Yeah.
3969balla: Nope, not really. I haven't gone shopping in a while though, so I don't have the best taste.
SpOrTyAx: Yay! I love her parts!
Miyuki1: Ihaveawii is a pretty good designer.
mrtucan0: They're really good quality and they're great, but cats are not my style. Though her bows and hats are cute, at least for me.

Mylo9810: What's your favorite part created by her?

jadenman: Hmm . . . Probably the black and gray cat with blue eyes. I forgot its name . . . But I love the way it looks. It reminds me of midnight outside. So calming and refreshing, the cool breeze touching your skin; or rather, fur. Quiet. I have to say, it's one of my favorite cats.
Valerie80: Nope. I don't really like any of her parts, but maybe the bow or something, I dunno.
Janet34: Hm, I really don't have a favorite.
FlySheep: I like Hat that fits black white hearted bangs lawl the most.
3969balla: Um so far . . . Random Bow because I don't really like any of her cat parts because I'm just not cat like.
SpOrTyAx: The little hats she made! Especially the small ones; green, rainbow, and pink. They fit me perfectly, for such a small cat head!
Miyuki1: My favorite part of hers would HAVE to be the Strawberry Lumps cat. It's just so cute.
mrtucan0: I'm kinda diggin' the bow the most.

We're done for this week, sadly. But don't worry. This series is not going to end just yet! I hope you liked it, and I'm sure there'll be another one next week. Good luck to the new designers out there!

*sails off to another dimension in my ninja uniform*


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