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A Letter: Part 3

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Dear Katherine,

I feel privileged to have met you, and become your friend over time. You have so many unanswered questions about me, which I do not have complete answers to. This letter must have arrived early, but hopefully you have not read it too early. I don't want you to be mad or feel bad, because none of this is your fault.

How could I have known I was going to be killed? So many things that were bad were happening in my home, which lead me to think I would be killed. My daddy loved to play with his guns, and mommy loved the taste of her wine. Sometimes when daddy drank mommy's wine and mommy played with daddy's guns, it wasn't a good time.

I would hide under my covers hoping that mommy and daddy wouldn't hurt me or Kayla, my little sister. She would have rivers flowing from her eyes, and I couldn't make her feel any better because I felt the exact same way. I tried to be brave for her, but it was hard.

One day mommy shot our cat by mistake, while she was drunk. My sister wouldn't stop crying, because she thought we were going to be next. We weren't next, but our time would come and we both knew it would.

No one heard that shot fired, because we lived on a stupid farm in the middle of nowhere. I wanted someone to hear the shots that they fired so I proposed we move back to River Heights. I asked mommy while she was drunk and had her sign an agreement. She even said yes when she was sober, or somewhat sober.

I don't know why I didn't tell you about my family when I first met you Kat, but I wish I did. I wish this never happened, just as you may right now, but remember this isn't your fault.

The night it all happened didn't seem bad at all. I came home to my daddy polishing one of his guns I couldn't name. He looked at me and cussed words I wish I never heard. I walked into the kitchen to find my mother drinking straight from the bottle of wine. It was almost empty, and I knew it must have been her third or fourth bottle. I felt a tear welling in my eye, but I pushed it back with all my might. I walked into my blue bedroom to find Kayla hiding in our protection fort we built. I remember our exact words.

"Come here Kay, everything's going to be okay, I promise. Give me hug, I think I need one."

"I need one too Morgan. My day has been really bad, and I came home to daddy cussing again. Why can't we run off to your friend Kat's house? Why? I'm really scared, and I bet she'll help us."

"Kay, it's okay. We'll always be together. Remember we can run, but we can't hide."

"Morgan, it's not! We can hide, and run. Please. I'm begging you!"

"Kayla we're fine. Kat doesn't want to have to deal with our stupid family's issues."

Morgan I would be there for you! I would help you! I wish you had come to me!

Tears fell from her eyes, and I hugged her really tight. That's when daddy came in and started to hit Kay and me. His hand stung my arm like a thousand bees stinging me all at once. I screamed, but nothing seemed to come out. The more I tried to scream, the more he hit.

Mommy came in with one of daddy's guns, and loaded it. I took Kay's hand and closed my eyes. I knew my time had come. I began to whisper to Kayla who was still holding my hand firmly.

"We'll always be together."

That's when I heard mommy press the trigger, and I remember an immense pain in thigh. Then everything went completely black.

I needed to explain all this to you, Kat.

Thanks for all you've done, and I'm sorry for not telling you. I know you would have helped me, but I was scared. One day we will all unite in heaven and live happily ever after, you, Kayla, and me.



I looked up towards my ceiling while tears streamed down my face.

"We'll always be together."

The End.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed the short series! I promise I'll have more stories to come!


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