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The Sad Life of a Dear Friend

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Author's Note: This subject focuses on the lives of animals that are abused and may not be suited for young children. Please let a parent read this article before you read on any further.

Many Families own a dog, have owned one before, or know someone who owns one. Almost every child's wish is to own that cute energetic puppy who gives them nothing but love. Have you ever gone to the pet store and picked out the best dog that the store had to offer. The you take it home only to find out your new little bundle of love is in a sick state and may be on its deathbed.

Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills (also known as farms) are businesses where dogs are bred many times and produce large amounts of puppies. The owners do not care for the welfare of the animals that they breed. They are only in it for the money it brings. Dogs that are born in puppy mills are sold to pet stores across the country, through the Internet, in newspaper ads, or through the actual mill. Thus, many dogs are sold to pet stores across the country and wind up being sold again only to die in a loving owner's arms.

Living Conditions of the Dogs

The dogs that live in the puppy mills are treated miserably, living in some very nasty conditions. Cages are very cramped with too many puppies in them at once. The cages themselves are made of chicken wire, which makes the puppies feet very sore. Also, they never have walked on grass or even laid in it. The cages are never cleaned, thus making the dogs sick. They are rarely fed or given drink. Female dogs are overworked because they are constantly being bred and producing puppies. None of these dogs have ever been cared for and loved by a human. Many live their entire lives this way.

Results of Dogs Who Have Lived in a Puppy Mill

There have been many sad stories from people who have bought a dog from a pet store and wind up taking it home only to find that the dog has numerous illnesses that need seeking to immediately. This is hard for the new owner because they thought they were going to have a healthy puppy that was full of love, only to realize it's very sick. Not only is it hard in the sadness of seeing that their little bundle of love is sick, but it puts more financial troubles on the family, having to pay for vet bills. Sometimes, the result of the dogs that were bought from the puppy mills and sold to owners, wind up dying in the new caring owner's arms, just because of the way it was treated in its early life.

What We Can Do To Help

The next time you go to buy a puppy, go to a local animal shelter or rescue group. There are SO many abandoned animals that the shelters are over flowing with animals. So many of these pets make awesome pets and can be the ultimate companion. All they really want is a loving, caring owner to take them home and give them a great life and they will pay you back with lots of love.

This is Leprdmask, going to go spend some time with my cat.

Author's Note: Sources: http://stoppuppymills.org/inside_a_puppy_mill.html


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