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Swine Flu 2009

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Let's face it, swine flu is scaring many people all across the U.S. and Mexico. Do you know all the facts? How can you keep yourself safe? That's what this article is all about.

Let's get the facts about swine flu:

Only one person in the U.S. has died of swine flu.

Half of the cases reported in Mexico were tested and the test results were negative.

Over 30,000 people die every year of the regular influenza, more commonly known as the flu.

This is not the first time swine flu has been contracted by humans. There was a strain in 1918 that caused many people to become sick. There was another outbreak in humans in 1976. For those worried that we won't find a cure, we will. It is a very big deal out of nothing right now. Calm down.

You can easily protect yourself from the swine flu, and just about any disease by following these simple steps:

Stop touching your face. It is the most common point for germs to enter the body.

Always, always, always wash your hands after using the restroom and before you eat anything.

Carry around a small bottle of hand sanitizer (not necessary but helpful).

Do not share drinks. You cannot get the swine flu just by being in the same room as someone who does have it. You must get their body fluids on you, such as saliva, to contract the virus. This is also especially helpful when it comes to dealing with mononucleosis (more commonly known as mono).

True or False About the Swine Flu

You can get it from eating pork - FALSE

Face masks will automatically keep you safe from this strain - FALSE, most of the time. The virus is small enough to fit in between the fabrics.

I need to VERY worried - FALSE. You should be cautious, but not panic. It is not an epidemic.

I shouldn't share drinks with anyone, even if they aren't sick - TRUE. They may not show signs of being sick, but a family member might be. Always be careful!

Swine Flu Symptoms

The symptoms for swine flu are as follows:

Sore throat
Body aches

If you are experiencing all of these symptoms, contact your doctor and/or emergency room immediately. It may not be swine flu, but being safe never hurt anyone.

I hope you are all a little more relaxed and aware about swine flu.

Don't worry, and wash your hands!

*Runs water & signs off*

Author's Note: Sources: My parents who are both doctors,


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