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Connecting Frankenstein to Modern Science

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The article I choose is very applicable to Frankenstein. It has aspects of morality and science; a tale of intertwined fates. Humans grapple with the thought of something greater above them, but in the same sentence decide to create a life form that was not acted upon by said greater force. There is many controversies arising in our generations minds.

The head of the Catholic Church is located in Italy and is named the Vatican. The Vatican guides the followers of the Catholic faith to their salvation in Heaven. They disagree with many things that scientists choose to do. In recent years, they have disagreed with the use of surrogacy. They fear that genetic engineering will cause gene-related racism. They fear that the genetic engineering will cause certain characteristics to be determined unsatisfactory and everything with that characteristic will be destroyed.

Victor Frankenstein created the monster for "the sole purpose of infusing life into something" else. He believed that the monster would "owe his being to [him]". What happens when the "beauty of the dream vanish[es]" from genetic engineering. Eventually the glamour will disappear.

Victor also feared "the first result of which the demon thirsted would be children". He feared a race that would hold contempt for human kind. He feared that there would be a new race created in his name. The Vatican fears that in the rise of engineering there would be contempt towards those that do not have the specific characteristics looked upon by society as superior

Rejection is a strong theme in Frankenstein. The monster is "solitary and abhorred". He is constantly rejected despite the fact that he is good in his core. His "unnatural hideousness" caused people to stray away, but that is a matter of opinion isn't it? But majority overrules the minority. The Vatican has reservations with genetic engineering because this new race that is created might become the majority and eventually overrule naturally born people, in essence creating sub-humans.

The fact that genetic engineering is happening is fact that cannot be denied. But people should not play god. Scientists above all else should realize the power that they hold and then they should choose to be responsible. Responsibility is the key and the whole face of human kind is depending on it. The field of science is advancing and changing everyday but we can still decide to stay within our moral limits.



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