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Guess the Whyvillian

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Hello there, Irkins! This is Invader Mo, and -- *Speaker buzzing from the back of the room* What? What do you mean we aren't on Irk? I thought -- Oh never mind!

Welcome to "Guess the Whyvillian, my newest" (and first) game show! This is exactly what the title says: Guessing of a Whyvillian. I'll scramble up a picture of a well-known Whyvillian, and YOU, the readers, will have to y-mail ME, the hostess with the mostest, with a guess of who this Whyvillian is.

I will also give you five hints about this Whyvillian, and I won't do anybody too obvious, just to make it more fair. Guess what else? There are clam prizes for the first three people to y-mail me with the correct answer!

First place - 200 clams
Second place - 100 clams
Third place - 50 clams

I will do these prizes via WhyCash in the Bankinter, and I will send you the secret code via y-mail. So, let the games begin!

First of course, are the hints.

This Whyvillian has been on Whyville for ten long years.
This Whyvillian earns 198 clams a day. Wowzers.
This Whyvillian has had a WITS written about them.
This Whyvillian enjoys checkers.
And last, but not least, this user is usually in the Buzz Hive, exclusively for Oldbies.

Scrambly Picture Time!

And that's it for this week! I'll post the winners of this next week.

Monet1616, going to go feed the toaster and put some toast in the dog.


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