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A Second Chance: Part Seven

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I knew Alice was going to make a mad dash for it the second I left, which is why I wouldn't ever return. I'd run from my place in California to the coast in Florida, leaving a distinct trail and "accidentally" dropping things saturated in my scent. From Florida, I would teleport home and grab all of our belongings that could be sold for extra cash, if needed, and all of the money Alice managed to steal from banks in the cities she flew to.

As I ran, I encountered more people like Alice and I. Rather, more people like myself.

Mariposa and Leslie were two girls who were roughly sixteen, as they recall. They were pretty, not nearly as radiant as Alice, Desiree, or even Aimee, and they seemed contented with joining my family. Alice agreed, mentally of course, and Mariposa jumped up and down in joy. She clapped her hands and smiled, embracing me in a far too tight hug. "Um . . . Mari?" I gasped. She pulled away, and in a voice that could only be of the Living Dead, apologized. Leslie was subtle, and I was running with two women at my flanks at speeds faster than any car, anything mobile.

Mariposa's blond hair whipped wildly behind her, and Leslie's brown hair that was barely shoulder length and was angled was arrayed in the same manner Mariposa's was. I noticed how when they ran, they took long, slow strides and somehow kept up with me. We finally reached Florida after a boring twelve hours, and I stopped and grabbed Mari and Leslie by their arms. "Don't panic," I warned, as I teleported to the dark brown house that my Alice was in.


Aimee and Desiree held a practice fighting match while Joshua watched, waiting for the winner. Aimee almost had Desiree, until her heredity gave her a leading advantage. Flames burst from Desiree's hands and had Aimee spiraling backwards to the floor, burning all the while. Joshua easily sprayed her with water and left her sopping wet on the floor.

"I guess Des wins. Sorry, Aims," Joshua said with a taunting laugh. Aimee ran over to Joshua and stared him in the face, her curly hair now matted down with water. "Give me one good reason that I shouldn't be outraged and ripping you apart," Aimee growled. Joshua laughed. "Because I love you, Aimee. You know I do," Joshua whispered to her as he pulled her into his arms.

Unlike the outcome I had desired, all three of them were going at each other. Aimee and Desiree fought for a second, and Desiree was holding her own against Aimee and Joshua. I was impressed as Aimee limped to my side and had a gash in her leg that should have been bleeding, if she was human.

"Alright, Des, let's fight!" Joshua shouted as he leapt for Desiree's throat. She darted to the side and let him spill out on the floor. In an instant, he was back on his feet and they were spinning in circles, giving each other the death glare. Desiree hissed and Joshua howled as they ran forth, smacking into each other like two magnets attracting. The sound would have frightened me if they weren't so sturdy. Desiree jumped back and leapt back and forth from left to right, slowly gaining speed and blurring out of sight. Joshua yelped in pain and Desiree had her teeth fastened to his throat.

"Desiree wins!" Aimee shouted and darted over to help Des and Joshua up.

"Desiree, you have your mother's powers, I swear," Josh said from behind me. "Josh!" I shouted as I turned around and leapt into his arms, wrapping mine around his neck and kissing him softly. He laughed softly and the blond I assumed was Mariposa looked annoyed, jealous even. I growled at her and Leslie gave me a warm smile. She was beautiful, but something about how she held herself repelled instantly. Mariposa hissed and took a stance that I knew was on the offensive, baring her teeth in a deathly threatening motion. I felt Aimee, Desiree, and Joshua behind me instantly, hissing, snarling, and growling at the danger.

Mariposa leaped at me, and it all went down faster than I ran. Leslie went to restrain her, and was a fraction of a second too late.

Mariposa just made her death wish.


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