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Y Disorder

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Y Disorder

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I'd like to talk to you today about a not-so-serious disease called Y Disorder. You may have heard of it, or may have it, and have no idea what it is. Well, I'm thinking I can sum it all up for every person out there who is clueless while reading this.

Y Disorder... hmm... sounds sorta... bad... no? Ok, well who cares if it's not and who cares if REAL doctors in the world today can not prescribe it. Trust me, do not go up to your doctor's office and proudly shout, "I AM A CARRIER OF Y DISORDER!!!" or they will probably laugh in your face and send you to a psychiatrist. Anywho, back to the disease...

Y Disorder is a fairly common disease to Whyvillians around the world today. It's not really contagious; you can't spread it to others like the common cold... no, no, never... BUT it is very easy to get and you are very likely to get it from the moment you register and get your first face parts from dear ol' Gramma.

Hah... still wanna know what it is, eh? OK, OK, I give in, I'll tell you... Y Disorder is defined as:

    Y Disorder: (n.) 1. The disease contracted from spending too much time daily on Whyville. 2. An almost incurable disease. 3. The love of Whyville.

So... in simpler terms, if you love Whyville and can't seem to force yourself to quit even though you know you have a bad case of this disease, then I'm sorry to inform you, but you have *gulp* Y Disorder.

[Note: This is NOT a real disease, this is ALL fake, heh... even though it is possible to become addicted to Whyville.]

A proud carrier of Y Disorder,


[Co-chairman of Whyvillians Anonymous, heh... j/k.]

P.S. If you think I'm crazy or just flat out weird by now... good!

P.P.S. ;) Good luck with your Y Disorder.



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