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Controlled Like a Robot

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I'm controlled;
Controlled helplessly.
I'm scared;
Scared endlessly.
I'm under command.
There's no way out.
I'm tired;
Sick and tired of everything.
I say I'm fine,
But everyone lies sometimes.
I'm so sorry,
Sorry to everyone that I've hurt.
I feel bad,
Bad for everything I've done simply because I was too scared to speak up.
That all changes now.

I'm controlled by her. It's like she owns me. I'm still in control of myself, but not really. She says jump, I jump. She says run, I run. She says stop, I stop. I'm controlled, like a robot. I respond to everything she says and does. Whether it's minor or huge, I always obey.

I hate that. I hate having to listen to her all the time. I hate not being in charge of my own life. I hate being pressured into things that I don't like. She used to be my best friend. But people change. We've both changed.

She acts so innocent, but she always finds a way. She always finds a way to make me feel bad. She always finds a way to make me feel sorry. But she makes me feel bad about stuff that she pressured me into.

You're probably wondering why I still hang out with her. I do less and less everyday. But I still listen to her. I don't know why I do. There's just no way out. You're probably wondering if I ever even liked her. I did. I still do. I just don't like what she's become.


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