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G'day fellow Whyvillians. This week I would like to introduce a new article in the Entertainment section of the Whyville Times. All you have to do is answer the Whyville related questions and send me (jank03) the answers and you could be on your way to winning a fortune!

All you have to do is y-mail me the letter corresponding to the answer. Example: A, A, C, A ,B.

Question 1: Who of the following City Workers has a unique cow avatar?

A. Scyllacat
B. Holykow
C. CityHall

Question 2: Where can I find information about the Whylitzer prize?

A. Bioplex
B. Akbar's
C. City Hall Elevator

Question 3: How much does it cost to purchase 500 pearls?

A. 60 Science Chicago Cards
B. 5 dollars
C. 25,000 clams

Question 4: What month is Whyville's Birthday?

A. March
B. December
C. Don't be silly - Whyville doesn't have a birthday

Question 5: Who serves you at the land office?

A. Luke Skywalker
B. City Hall
C. Bob

Question 6: Which game does not exist on Whyville?

A. Checkers
B. Poker
C. Pole vault

Question 7: Meet the Makers is held in which chat room?

A. Club Why's Exclusive Chat Room
B. Ice Pond
C. There is no such thing as Meet the Makers

Question 8: Which of the following Whyville users is not a City Worker?

A. Coolethan
B. Devcanon
C. Deriko

Question 9: What is the name of the residential area of Whyville?

A. Whoville
B. Myville
C. Noville

Question 10: If you wanted to go to the moon - what would you say?

A. "Teleport Moon"
B. "Beam me up Scotty"
C. There isn't a moon in Whyville

Question 11: Trivia is held in which chat room?

A. Club Why's Exclusive Chat Room
B. Greek Theater
C. Sun roof

Question 12: Whyville was created in which year?

A. 1960
B. 2003
C. 1999

Question 13: What is the name of Akbar's brother?

A. Grenouille
B. Hugh Jackman
C. Akbar doesn't have a brother

Question 14: What is the Whyville Call Box?

A. Whyville's text message service
B. 911 report tool
C. Whyville's bank

Question 15: If I needed Whyville help - where would I go?

A. Pool party
B. City Hall
C. Newbie Center

That's all the questions! Now all you have to do is y-mail me the correct answers and you can win a fortune! The prizes are:

1st place: 10,000 clams
2nd place: 5,000 clams
3rd: 2,000 clams
4th: 1,000 clams



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